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*Applique a tiny hands turkey shirt with Treasures For Tots.*Assemble a kid's sewing kit and stitch a mini heart pillow with Treasures For Tots.*Stitch a faux petti skirt with Treasures For Tots.*Make a double crochet flower with Treasures For Tots.
*Crochet a mini top hat with Treasures For Tots.*Photoshop Tinkerbell into your child's hands with a how-to from Treasures For Tots.*Build a portable tea table with Treasures For Tots.*Whip up a batch of Zote laundry jelly with Treasures For Tots.
*Use drawer liner to add no slip grip to hair clips. Get the details on Treasures For Tots.*Learn how to cover a snap clip with ribbon on Treasures For Tots.*Craft a sweet felt flower or heart headband with Treasures For Tots.*Make a felt eggplant, spinach and tomato lasagna with Treasures for Tots.
*Create no-sew felt cheese and spinach ravioli with Treasures For Tots.*Create felt Valentine's Day fortune cookies with Treasures For Tots.*Use socks to add long sleeves to a t-shirt. Get the details on Treasures for Tots.*I love this no-sew felt food tortellini pasta and tin from Treasures for Tots.
*I love this Tiny Hands Turkey Applique tutorial on Treasures for Tots.*Sew easy fabric gift bags with Treasures for Tots.*Sew a Twirly Tee Tutu with Treasures For Tots. *Learn how to make a tiny fairy doll on Treasures for Tots.
*Treasures For Tots shares a smart and easy way to cut tulle for a tutu. *Learn how to satin wrap a tutu on Treasures For Tots. *Make an embroidered felt pumpkin hair clip with Treasures For Tots. *Create an embroidered felt hair clip with Treasures for Tots.
*Make a fun felt Pop-Tart with Treasures for Tots. *Head to Treasures For Tots and learn how to make a variety of crochet toddler bracelets. *Whip up felt agnolotti pasta with Treasures for Tots. *Crochet a sweet butterfly embellishment with Treasures For Tots.