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*Craft wild paper animals with the gang at Se7en.*Se7en shares a variety of valentine projects that includes these painted clay hearts.*Turn cardboard into a sinking submarine playset with a how-to and template from Se7en.*Visit Se7en for a fun list of fingerpaint inspiration.
*Create bleach dyed t-shirts with Se7en.*Create sand paper cave art with Se7en.*Craft tiny matchbox bird houses with Se7en.*Turn magazine clippings into a window mounted city. Get the details on Se7en.
*Visit Se7en for a variety of tea party crafts, such as this mini tea pot pinata.*Make a field of fabric friends with the gang at Se7en.*Craft quick, curious, creeping bookmarks with Se7en.*Create a tiny toothpick puppet show with Se7en.
*Whip up a galaxy of paper planets with the gang at Se7en.*Visit Se7en for a variety of M.C. Escher themed activities kids will love.*Craft clay creations with Se7en.*Se7en shares creative things to do with a pillowcase. I love the ballet roll.
*Head to Se7en for fun Egyptian projects, like this Walk Like an Egyptian sidewalk art.*Make flappy paper friends with Se7en.*Se7en shares seaside science activities. I love the crayon and watercolor ocean!*Se7en shares an easy way to create paper dolls and their clothes.
*Learn how to do flour batik on Se7en. I love the Brilliant Batik Bike pillow!*Create World Cup cardboard makarapas hats with Se7en.*Go nature collecting and crafting with Se7en.*Learn how to make kelp horns on Se7en.
*Love the book Corduroy? Make corduroy pockets with the gang from Se7en.*Visit Se7en for a craft-filled Salvador Dali celebration.*I love how the gang at Se7en created this paper tube didgeridoo for their Australia studies.*Se7en shares ideas for a Mr. Magnolia themed birthday party.