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*Decorate cookies with DIY colored sugar. Get the how-to from Cathie Filian.*Make a photo transfer shirt with Mod Podge and*Create an altered witch hat centerpiece with*Create framed yarn art with
*Mod Podge fabric accented hangers with Cathie Filian.*Craft paper flower cupcake toppers with Cathie Filian.*Make a set of tie dyed and ribbon embellished burp cloths. Get the how-to on Cathie Filian.*Make an altered kraft paper gift box with Cathie Filian.
*Give a thrift store vase a faux stained glass makeover with directions from Cathie Filian.*Create wood plaque spring decor with Cathie Filian.*Craft burlap and Scrabble tile cake bunting with a how-to from Cathie Filian.*Mod Podge modern pebble art with Cathie Filian.
*Assemble a manly desktop candy jar with Cathie Filian.*Create a ribbon and faux suede tablecloth with a how-to from Cathie Filian.*Make a birthday girl place mat and napkin with Cathie Filian on*Craft a beaded bead necklace with Cathie Filian.
*Design your own team t-shirt with Cathie Filian.*Weave a velvet ribbon embellished belt with Cathie Filian.*Craft a lace collar necklace with Cathie Filian.*Assemble a shabby birdhouse condo with Cathie Filian for Plaid Craft TV.
*Turn jar lids into resin coasters with Cathie Filian.*Craft a chip can rocket ship with Cathie Filian.*Create altered champagne glass favors with Cathie Filian.*Paint a tote bag with paper cups and Cathie Filian.
*Stitch fleece baby booties with Cathie Filian.*Assemble a chalkboard message center with Cathie Filian.*Turn your family photo collage charms into an organic family tree with Cathie Filian.*Make family photo collage charms with Cathie Filian.