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Glamping? What is a Glamping Roundup doing on One Pretty Thing? Well for one, I love the idea behind glamping (glamour + camping). It gives me a great excuse to hit up the thrift stores for mix and match china, sew a colorful oilcloth tablecloth and deck out my camp site! And two, when a reader emailed me earlier this month mentioning my Camping Roundup and asking if I could do a Glamping Roundup, I realized it would be a fun way to share one of my favorite girlie projects with you.

Since I pretty much LIVE on the internet hunting down crafty projects, I come across a ton of other links that are fabulous, but not necessarily DIY related. I began putting together informal girlie link lists and activity roundups and emailing them to my girlfriends at the end of the week. When Leah (Hi Leah!) asked me if I could do a Glamping Roundup, I realized I already had a bunch of links ready to go out in my email, so it wouldn't be difficult at all! Interested in my link lists? Leave me a comment! I've thought about setting up a simple blog where I could share them with everyone, so if you'd like to see that let me know.

Looking for more camping ideas? Check out last years Camping Roundup which is full of camping, food and activity ideas. Enjoy!

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  1. Jessica Levitt Says:

    Ooh. Thanx for this. If you check my latest post you’ll see I’m yearning for a gypsy caravan of my own, but glamping it up gypsy style just might fill that void.

  2. Junie Moon Says:

    I love the whole glamping concept and have done a bit of internet searching myself for ideas and projects to try. Now you’ve saved me endless hours and I shall check out all the links you provided. Great job!

  3. Kristin Stout Says:

    HA! I have never heard of glamping…I love it!

  4. Heather Forrey Says:

    First of, I had never heard of glamping. I love it. I am in the process of hunting down an affordable used camper to tour around Europe on the weekends as I don’t do tents (it ALWAYS rains on me.) So thank you for sharing this to give me even more ideas (I can hear my husband groaning already) & second, I would LOVE to see all your non crafty links as well. So another blog would be great. Thanks for all your hard work, I love this site.

  5. Leah Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Yay! It’s wonderful, and again, I’d love to see your other blog when it happens, that way I can have a favourite and second favourite blog, both written by you. In my blog travels, I always read yours last, just like cheesecake, you gotta save the best for last!


  6. lisette Says:

    I’m interested in the link list!

    We go camping every summer in Spain for 3 weeks.We use this tiny throw-tent-thingy
    and well it’s like back-to-basic style.I hate it.Only good thing is we are in Spain,3 weeks,and eat spanish food hahahaha

    Since we travel with a volkswagen polo car(not that big)everything we take is suppoed to be small,or multi-tasking.I’d love to glam up our campingsite so it isn’t just a little square of grass with a tent and a table :)

    LOVE oyur website!!!

  7. Nynaboo Says:

    You bring the best of DIY internet to us each day, now you say that you also keep a list of the best of the rest internet!!! How awesome!! I have found such wonderful blogs thanks to your searching skills.

    I think you eally should setup another blog. I, for one, would love to see the activities and interesting things you find.

  8. Allie (Random Teaspoon) Says:

    I had to email every girl I know who camps! That’s awesome, like Sex & The City goes Glamping.

  9. Brenda Says:

    I check into your website 2-4 times a day. I LOVE it. I’ve found so many projects here. I’ve never heard of Glamping before, but I’m all for it. The one thing I’d like to take along camping would be my bed and laptop!:)

  10. jennie Says:

    I have never heard of this, but I am SO into it! I love to camp, but knew something was lacking!! Sharing with my camping girls!!!

  11. RevAnne Says:

    Love this website, and I too would love to see the link lists you’ve accumulated!

  12. stacey christensen Says:

    Thank You so much for this!!! I absolutely look forward to every single one of your posts!!! This one is Fabulous! we are big time campers and I am always looking to make things more cozy comfy. I have never heard of glamping but I know I am a born glamper!

  13. Nancy Says:

    I love glamping. Thanks so much for this roundup with great links.

  14. clux64 Says:

    Any followers of MaryJane’s farm, or Sister’s on the Fly has heard of Glamping. I am over the moon to see this posting. Love your blog, read every…single…one!

  15. Barb Says:

    Love, love, love it! Who would want to camp any other way??? I too am really interested in seeing other links that aren’t crafty in nature; although… I’m addicted to this site.

  16. Garri Says:

    Really chuffed that you mentioned our Go Glamping website in your excellent round up. Thank you!

  17. Brandy Says:

    What a CUTE idea….I love camping and grew up doing it all the time but haven’t been is so long. I love your site and always look forward to what you have to share.

  18. Gemma Says:

    Oh! I *LOVE* this!!!! I would love to have info on your other links listing! Off to browse the glamping sites (since I am having 1st camping trip of the year in about 6 weeks!)

  19. Jeff Madsen Says:

    I took my family glamping at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana last year. It was a blast! We stayed at a place called River Camp, right on the Blackfoot River. Check it out:

  20. Rhonda Says:

    Just like many of the others, I have never heard the term Glamping! But I would love looking at any links you have. My family consists of my husband, two boys and myself… as the only girl, I would love to add a bit of glamour to our camping! :)

    p.s. One Pretty Thing is my FAVORITE blog EVER!!!!

  21. Andrea Says:

    I totally love this! I have a love/hate relationship with camping… perhaps I am doing it wrong and should be Glamping!

    I’d love to be on your link list email, I’m so addicted to your website!

  22. Beth Says:

    Too much fun!! As the lone female in a house full of guys, I absolutely love this idea. Nothing wrong with spiffing up the campsite with a little style. Ooh, and I’d love to find out more about your other link lists. I love this site and check it everyday–Thanks for all the effort you put into it!

  23. Glamping Girl Says:

    Thanks for referring to the article that I wrote for 52 Days, but you haven’t mentioned my website Glamping Girl – it’s at We take the rough out of roughing it and put the glam in camping!

  24. Molly Says:

    I had no idea what glamping was but this is FABulous!

  25. Jenni Says:

    I have never loved camping. At all……until now. Thanks a million for the fabulous tips!

  26. Trish Says:

    Love love love this!!! I had never heard the term “glamping” before, but I adore it! I’ve been searching for a adorable, fun glamping tent such as the ones pictured with no success :( I’m in the US, and it seems Europe is having all the fun! If anyone knows any suppliers of adorable glamping tents in the US, I would love to have the link!

  27. Cynthia Devening Says:


  28. Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #13 – Link Up… » se7en Says:

    [...] Glamping Round-Up from One Pretty Thing: This one is for fun and if you don’t know what glamping is then you havn’t lived!!! [...]

  29. Laura Gaskill Says:

    Thank you so much for including my Glamping post on Lolalina here! I am going to click around the other links now – lots of good stuff here! :)
    - Laura

  30. AmberLee Says:

    Rachel! your energy amazes me. you are such an inspiration. THANK YOU for introducing me to glamping. I think I’ve just found my new destiny! I want to glamp all summer long.

  31. Jan Rosso Says:

    Aaah! Glamping is definitely the way to go – just need to pack up my raised pillow-top air mattress and I am away!

  32. Regan Preston Says:

    Thanks a million for the refernce to our blog on glamping. You have a wonderful website,and it truely compliments the essense of glamping.

  33. josie Says:

    Thank you for a great resource. IM musing on the question ..Do I want to try glamping??? well im not short on advice here so, brilliant, im off to write my shopping list!

  34. Send hampers Says:

    This could make our year! We’re quite fed up of the drudge of normal camping now, so will be incorporating some of your excellent ideas to glam it all up a bit. Many thanks, and here’s to enjoying camping again :)

  35. Kerri Says:

    Yesterday I learned a new word, Glamping. I immediately knew someone else understood me. Just hadn’t run across them yet. Yippee! I love all the links and info you’ve provided. I’d love more. Thanks!

  36. Luxury Camping Says:

    Glamping is such a pleasure! Thanks for the great information you placed here.

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  38. Dana Says:

    My wife and I go “Glamping” with two Standing Room Tents “Brand Name” we put together. They are each 10′x10′ and have 8 1/2 ceilings so it gives us essentially 2 rooms with plenty of room to stretch out! We use one room for a bedroom which we can put a queen size airbed and frame, two chairs and a table. The other room we use for a kitchen living area. It has enable me to take my wife camping which she would never do before because of the discomfort. Plus, the whole thing goes up in about 10 min. and it is relatively inexpensive.

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