OCTOBER 30TH, 2008 10:27PM PST 
Welcome to One Pretty Thing's Dia de los Muertos Roundup! If you have a project you'd like to add, just let me know!

*The Crafty Chica teaches us how to make painted light-up skulls,

*Plaster of Paris skull ornaments,

*And white chocolate sugar skulls.

*Download these Calavera charts for use in embroidery projects.

*Create a fabric skeleton pin with directions from Carmi's Art/ Life World.

*Download the templette for this Mantel de Muertos and decorate a table or altar.

*Rodrigvitz Style shows us how to make sugar skulls in this two part tutorial.

*Create oil pastel skeletons with Art Projects for Kids.

*Craft easy paper flowers,

*And a Dia de los Muertos pin with azcentral.com.

*Snippets has published a special Day of the Dead issue. Check out their Day of the Dead altar how-to,

*And their eco-skeleton project.

Get inspired with these fun food presentations found on Flickr:

*Skully pannacotta,

*Picado Pumpkin Pie,

*And sugar Skull cupcakes,

*Whip up a Calavera sandwich with directions from Croq Zine.

*The Crafty Chica shows us how to make sugar skulls,

*A Dia de los Muertos cigar box shrine,

*A colorful Dia de los Muertos charm bracelet,

*And an elegant silver version.

*She also shares the how-to for this Dia de los Muertos story box,

*Bleach pen skull banners,

*Day of the Dead felt banner,

*And funky fantasy skulls.

*Martha shows us how to make a fiesta flower arrangement,

*Tissue paper Papel Picado decorations,

*Festive place mats,

*And sugar skulls.

*The AntiCraft shares the how-tos for stuffed pasta skulls,

*A knit skull bag,

*Repurposed alter figurines,

*And polymer clay Calacas de Arcilla.

*The AntiCraft also tells us how to make Huesos Deliciosos,

*A suitcase alter,

*Magdalenas de Muerto,

*And Las Calacas Danzantes.

*Create an embellished Day of the Dead collage with CraftStylish.

*Make clay sugar skulls that last from year to year with Cut Out & Keep.

*The L.A. Times has a great article on Day of the Dead feasts-complete with recipes.

*Grab this skull cross stitch pattern at Skull-A-Day.

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Ready to join in on the fun?

*Rodrigvitz Style is holding a Dia de Bloglandia party.

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Learn more about fun and colorful holiday:

Day of the Dead Food

Day of the Dead history

Dia de los Muertos

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And for teachers, download the Day of the Dead information package featuring coloring pages, word search, projects and more!

8 Responses to “Dia de los Muertos Roundup”

  1. dolce chic Says:

    I think my family are the only Mexicans who don’t celebrate this holiday. My entire family fears death! The Mexican bingo game (La Loteria) has “La Calavera” on certain cards, and my grandma refuses to take it!!!

  2. heather Says:

    Wow, nice round up!! Thanks for including my sandwich!

  3. iHanna Says:

    My favorite so far – love this holiday and it’s imagery!!!! Great collection – I want to do it all!

  4. Tamy Says:

    This is one fab post!
    Hope you enjoyed your day off

  5. julietk Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful projects

  6. Laume Says:

    Wow, so many wonderful links. You’ll have me hidden away with my laptop for hours following them all!

  7. Leau Says:

    This is excellent! What great resources. Thanks so much!!!!!

  8. DIY: Day of the Dead | Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website Says:

    [...] up the layers one by one. Want more? Alright then overachiever, check out these lists of projects here and [...]

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