NOVEMBER 11TH, 2009 11:17AM PST 

6 Responses to “Christmas Roundup”

  1. Diana (Ladybug Limited) Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my spool doll nativity — it was fun! I’m hoping others will take it and run with it :)

  2. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    Oh my gosh, so many cute things. IN LOVE with Diana’s spool nativity set… so adorable.

  3. Shala at Don't Eat the Paste Says:

    So many cute things! Thank you. My daughter always put together a nativity using action figures and dolls. It can turn out pretty bizarre, but it’s a family tradition now. I think I’ll see if she wants to do a spool nativity this year!

  4. Carly Says:

    I’m a church choir director and those sheet music ornaments might be just the thing for my little church choir. Thanks so much for your blog – I love seeing these posts every day!!

  5. Polly :) Says:

    I LOVE that spoon doll nativity set. I’ve been wondering what I should do with my old spools. My daughter would love to help with that. Thanks!

  6. Michelle Says:

    That wire ornament-holder “tree” is PERFECT, I love it! Thanks for the round-up!

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