NOVEMBER 3RD, 2009 4:00PM PST 

10 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    Such cute finds today! Love the fiber wreath & felt mailbox!

  2. 5 orange potatoes Says:

    Thanks for the link love Rachel! Now off to see that incredible felt leaves fall wreath!

  3. Lucy@attic24 Says:

    Awww how lovely to see my crochet Birdie here, thanks so much for the link!
    :o )xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. las sandalias de ana Says:

    ohhh, beautiful things really!!! ;)

  5. leslie Says:

    my son’s costume was just like the little crochet monkey!! i Definately will be making up one of those!

  6. Mitsy Says:

    Hey Rachel, thanks so much for linking to my special gift-box tutorial! I see many people passing by! *sending lots of smiles your way* :)

  7. Calamity Anne Says:

    Rachel…Thanks for the link to my wall monogram! I’ve had many fellow crafters stop by, and received many wonderful comments!

  8. Polly :) Says:

    Awesome ideas. Thanks! I especially love the tool belt and I fell in love with the felt playhouse back when my sister sent me the link a while ago. I really should comment more because I find so many great ideas from your site. I love it! I just started blogging a couple months ago, but I’ve already recreated a few ideas from here and have plans for lots more. I’ve also got you linked on my blog list.

  9. turnike sistemi Says:

    very good betters…

  10. Браво Says:

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