NOVEMBER 1ST, 2009 11:02PM PST 

4 Responses to “Fall Roundup”

  1. Chanda Says:

    I thought I’d chime in here that it is very hard to start a productive day when I get on here and see all this gorgeous “stuff” and feel the need to explore each and every blog or site that is posted!!!

  2. pam Says:

    I agree Chanda! This is a very dangerous site! My bookmarks are literally stuffed full from visiting Rachel on a regular basis! But isn’t it just the best way to spend a morning?

    And Rachel, thank you once again for linking to my tutorials today! Perfect timing for fall decorating! We have a flaming red maple in the yard right now – guess what I am doing today! AFTER I try to stuff more links into my bookmarks, that is!

  3. An Almost Unschooling Mom Says:

    I love the bulb favors – we just got our tulips in this weekend – what a nice idea for the extra bulbs!

  4. Junie Moon Says:

    What great ideas are emerging for fall. Thanks for sharing them!

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