SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2009 11:34PM PST 

Let's look at some projects from the One Pretty Thing Flickr Pool!

3 Responses to “Flickr Friends Roundup”

  1. gretchen/juneatnoon Says:

    Wow, that hand-printed fabric is just gorgeous! (And thanks for the link!)

  2. Jen @ Beau Sophie Says:

    That lovely little orange necklace was made by me and it’s still available in my Etsy shop! Look for the “Meghan Necklace.”

    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Kiimo Says:

    Thank you so much for adding my handprinted tote, One Pretty Thing! I just checked Flickr to update my new items now and I sew your comment! I am so exited to check your pics here! They are very unique and beautiful:)

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