AUGUST 31ST, 2009 5:00AM PST 
I am SO excited to share this Monday's giveaway with you. Geta from Romanian Quilt Studio is giving away a handmade 15.5" square shadow trapunto quilt to one very lucky One Pretty Thing reader! I am so smitten with Geta's creations and the shadow trapunto quilting technique. The layered look is just gorgeous!

If you're as taken by this technique as I am and would like to make your own quilt, Geta offers a beautiful twenty page step by step shadow trapunto e-book for $12.00.

Geta's handmade shadow trapunto quilt measures 15.5 inches square and is perfect for a wall or frame.
Use the techniques and patterns in Geta's e-book to create a quilt just like this one!
Geta's e-book will teach you everything you need to know to make a shadow trapunto quilt and pillow. And once you've got that down, there are five beautiful bonus patterns as well! This e-book is packed with fantastic tips, great instructions and gorgeous patterns. I encourage everyone to check it out, as well as Geta's beautiful blog.

Interested in winning the handmade quilt shown here? Comment and tell us what you'd do with your mini quilt if you won. I'll be choosing a winner Friday September 4th, at 10:00am PST.

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338 Responses to “Geta Giveaway”

  1. Allie Says:

    I would frame that lovely mini-quilt and hang on the master bedroom wall!

  2. Laura Says:

    I’d put it up in my office – I love to be surrounded by beautiful things while I work.

  3. Sarah Rachelle Says:

    I would hang it in my 4 month old daughter’s bedroom. The colors are a perfect match and the design is beautiful!

  4. Nanna Says:

    I would hang this on my wall in my family room!! It is beautiful!

  5. Shelly Says:

    I would put it to good use. I think it would really dress up my dining room table if I put it in the center with a tall, thin vase with flowers. So lovely!

  6. Tracy Says:

    I would hang it in my bedroom. It is a piece of art!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Josette Says:

    Oh my goodness the quilt is so beautiful. This beautiful work of art would be perfect framed and hanging on the wall of my dining room. The colors would match perfectly with our antique cherry wood dining table. The table had a beautiful bench that I have quilt draped over with throw pillows. The dining area needs a framed quilt to finish the soft look.

  8. RobinB Says:

    That is beautiful!!! I would hang it in my bedroom, who wouldn’t love to look at it every morning when they wake up!!

  9. Jessica Sadlier Says:

    This is a beautiful piece of work. There are a few places around my house where it would go wonderfully, I’d have to see which is the best place to hang it.

  10. Georgia Says:

    Oh, how beautiful!! What a treasure! The winner will be thrilled – hope it’s me! I have an old Telephone chair/table piece of furniture that would love to adore this mini quilt!!

  11. Val Says:

    I would frame and give it to my new grand daughter–it matches her nursery colors to a T! Thanks for a beautiful giveaway.

  12. becky Says:

    This is so beautiful! I can’t even imagine doing something so lovely. If I won, I’d definitely frame that precious piece and put it on my wall in the family room, where it would be the perfect orangey kick for my new decor in there.

  13. Salihan Says:

    It’s my birthday very soon and this would make a wonderful birthday present! My bedroom is all white and I have been waiting for the perfect piece of art to hang opposite the bed. This would be so lovely to look at when I wake up in the morning. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. LindaSonia Says:

    The quilt is really beautiful! Love it! I think I would lay it across the back of my sofa and admire it daily!! LindaSonia (

  15. raquel Says:

    It is lovely, and the colors very yummy! I would put it together with my teddy bears collection.

  16. Kristin Robertson Says:

    Ooh, that is beautiful! I’ve been needing some things to hang on my daughter’s wall, and that would be so perfect!

  17. Sandi Says:

    There’s no doubt about it. I would frame and display this in my craft room. I would want to look at it each time I was working. How beautiful. I could never do something so intricate.

    Impatient Cajun

  18. egater Says:

    lovely quilt. I would show it in my lessons as a exsampel of this kind of quilt- I’m crafteacher in Estonia and teach 10-15 year old lgirls how to knit,crochet, sewan so on :)

  19. Lori Says:

    This is so gorgeous. Geta is incredibly talented. If I were blessed to win this, I would give this to my mother. It would look so beautiful in her bedroom. I’m so proud of my Mom. I just can’t do enough for her! This is certainly an heirloom quality prize.

  20. qsogirl Says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! I would hang it in my craft room :)

  21. Calamity Anne Says:

    I would prominently display it on the niche wall that overlooks the whole entry area. With those yummy orangey-peachy colors…it would be a stand-out!!!

  22. Maria Says:

    Beautiful. It would look beautiful in our living room over the fireplace!

  23. Jackie Says:

    If I won it, then I’d frame it and hang it on the wall right next to the bay window.

  24. Michelle Says:

    Beautiful. I would hang it in my daughter’s room.

  25. carla Says:

    A piece that beautiful deserves to be admired. I’d hang it in our living room.

  26. Jenny Says:

    I would hang it on my wall in my studio- I need the inspiration lately. Hard to get the creative juices going sometimes. Her quilts are so lovely- I would love to recreate one of her patterns in a stained glass mosaic….

  27. Anna Says:

    I just moved into a new apartment which sorely lacks good decoration. I can think of a dozen empty wall spaces off the top of my head where this could hang, but it would probably go over my bed.

  28. Heather Says:

    This is lovely! Greta is certainly a talented woman–I saw her sight recently and her work is really captivating! If I won, this would look fabulous hanging on my dining room wall or on my dining room hutch. :)

  29. staci Says:

    I would make a pillow for my bed – the colors are exactly what I am redoing my bedroom in right now! :)

  30. Leigh Says:

    beautiful! I’d hang it in my craft corner to inspire me!

  31. sarah w Says:

    show my mother so she can try making such a quilt. she’s a quilter – big league – but hasn’t done this style. what colors!!! that may be my favorite part.

  32. grace Says:

    As much as my girls would want this beautiful quilt for their dollies, I would frame it and hang it in my bedroom. The color is perfect.

  33. Sunny Says:

    If I were lucky enough to win… I would hang this in my daughter’s (Eliza) nursery. She will be here in November! This is absolutely beautiful and hopefully would become a family heirloom…

  34. Bryssy Says:

    Rachel, This quilt is absolutely incredible. I would hang it in my foyer. My house is almost 100 years old and I have several quilts hanging…but nothing this lovely. Great giveaway!!

  35. Mary Says:

    Oooo…… I think that I’d have to be terribly unoriginal and hang it on the wall across from my bed (and sewing table) so that I would see it last thing at night and be greeted by it’s beauty in the first light of the morning…..

  36. Cecelia Says:

    This would look so beautiful in my sewing room. Please enter my name in the drawing.

  37. stitchingcol Says:

    I could see it used as a sensory stimulus reward for small children for doing a great job washing their hands! (When the hand washing is well accomplished, they could trace stitching lines and feel the ‘bumps’!)

  38. Courtney N. Says:

    I think I would have to put this lovely piece into a frame and put it above my bed. I recently moved into a new place and so many of the walls are so blank! What a great way to start off the decorating :D

  39. Colleen Says:

    I love Geta’s work. Isn’t she a master. I would hang the quilt in the sewing room to give me inspiration.

  40. Nicole Says:

    Hang it up and enjoy it!

  41. Mary Jo Jones Says:

    Oh…I would hang it in our front room so that I could stare at it daily…her work is outstanding…I wish I could do it! Hope I win!

  42. Francis C. Moore Says:

    I would look at it and dream about being able to do this type of quilting.

  43. Hannah Says:

    I would hang it in my craft room for inspiration.

  44. Jillian Says:

    I would frame it up and put it in my guest bedroom–nothing makes guests feel cozy and at home like handmade goodness on the wall!

  45. Lynn Osborne Says:

    This is so gorgeous. I would hang it in my sewing room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Sherry Says:

    Hi I was lucky to win one of Gerta patterns but I’m one of those people that ahve to see what I’m doing before I can make it so I would love to be able to have one in person so I know what I’m doing. The pattern seems so easy but its one of those things that I need to see. Becasue I can’t emagen it being as easy as in Gerta instructions it seems so easy.

  47. JenMeister Says:

    I would keep it in my craft corner. Unframed – sounds like it’s just the right size to place on my lap when crafting ;)

  48. Sarah Says:

    I would give it to my mother as a birthday present. For as long as I can remember she’s been on the look out for neat quilts every trip we’ve made.

  49. Renee E Says:

    I would hang it in my sewing room, because it would inspire me!! I love the colors!

  50. Lynn Says:

    I think it would look beautiful in a vintage frame hanging in my daughter’s apricot colored bedroom.

  51. Valerie Says:

    Wow, you really see how many readers you have when you have a giveaway as amazing as this! I would love to hang this in my craft room, the color is fantastic, and would definitely keep me inspired.

  52. Ronda Says:

    I have the perfect table for it, but truthfully I know my two year old daughter would steal it and use it to put her babies to bed.

  53. Sally Westcott Says:

    I have watched and looked and studied – gee- I have no idea how Geta does it! If I had one I would just be amazed! Pride of place for me!

    Sally in Hobart

  54. Kristin Farwig Says:

    I would hang this in my sewing room. It’s beautiful!

  55. Lanie Says:

    I have a friend who’s birthday is coming up. She would absolutely love this! (she quilts) Thanks for the chance to win this for her!

  56. Carri Says:

    That is just absolutely stunning! Definitely worthy of being framed and hung on the wall! Gorgeous piece of art!!!

  57. Karin Says:

    This beautiful little quilt would match the trapunto quilt ( all done by hand) which I made for my belated father-in-law. It would fit right into in livingroom which just has been renovated.In fact the furniture was brought in 15 min. ago.
    Great website!

  58. Krystina Says:

    Wow I love this quilt! Its amazing. I can barely sew four squares together, so something like this just blows my mind. If I were lucky enough to own it, I would hang it in my son and daughter’s room (they share a room). Their colors are blue and orange, so this would fit perfectly.

  59. Wendy Says:

    My favorite color is orange! I would hang it in my sewing room, on the orange wall of course!

  60. Stephanie Says:

    I’d give it to my mom. Her job as a teacher’s aide was cut because of budget constraints, and she’s been pretty done since she heard. She loves working with the kids and is hoping to substitute teach, but I think a little something like this to brighten her day would get her through this tough time.

  61. Lauri Says:

    I would hang it near my desk, it reminds me of soft sunshine, and to inspire me to be creative.

  62. Mary L Says:

    I’m so pleased you are featuring Geta’s lovely work. More people need to become familiar with this talented lady. I’m lucky enought to already own a couple of pieces from her but one can never have too many! LOL.

  63. mary Says:

    What a beautiful creation!! I wish I was as talented when it comes to quilting!!

    Wouldn’t this be perfect for a fall vignette with pumpkins and fall flowers on the table!!


  64. Kelly Hefner Says:

    I would hang this beautiful quilt!!! I would hang it up as a work of art.

  65. Mary Winterbottom Says:

    this would be a beautiful wall hanging for my daughter’s bedroom

  66. Vicki Chrisman Says:

    Oh… framed and hung on the wall DEFINATLY! It’s stunning!

  67. so we added chickens Says:

    Geta’s quilts are so beautiful! I am torn as to whether I would hang this one in my office – where I spend tons of time and which desperately needs something beautiful – or put it as a center piece on my dining room table; I hope i have the chance to make this decision!

  68. A Joyful Chaos Says:

    I would hang it above my bed! I have been an admirer of Geta’s Trapunto quilts for quite a while already and would be absolutely thrilled if I would happen to be chosen as the lucky winner!

  69. Belle Says:

    I am in love with that quilt!!!

    I know that there’s probably like zero chance of me winning it, but I would totally give it to my Mother for her next birthday! She would LOVE it. Plus, i have been wanting to start quilting, so maybe looking at this quilt would help me along the experience.


  70. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful! I would hang this in my bedroom. What a great piece of art!

  71. Beth Says:

    I would hang it over the new piece I bought for my living room while garage saleing this weekend. It would definitely add some beauty and color to my currently bare wall!

  72. Maria Alejandra Says:

    I would use it as a centerpiece in a round glass table which is the first thing you see when you enter my house!

  73. Chris Says:

    I’d hang it on the wall in my sewing nook. I’ve recently moved to a new house and the only place for my sewing is in the unfinished basement – and this little beauty would really brighten up the cinderblock walls! ;)

  74. Amanda M. Says:

    I love this quilt! I just started quilting myself, and have many many more years of practice before I can create anything as beautiful as this quilt. I would frame and hang this treasure in my craft room, it is gorgeous!

  75. Heather J. Says:

    I would frame it! It’s beautiful!

  76. Shannon Says:

    Well, my daughter’s room is a lovely tangerine orange, so I’d probably hang it in there for her. I think she would love it. These are just beautiful!

  77. Amanda Says:

    Gorgeous!!! That would go in the master bedroom as wall art. The walls are painted a pale blueish-gray and the colors on the quilt would really pop.

  78. Stasia Smith Says:

    Oh, wow. It would be hard to decide what to do with something so beautiful. After spending at least a month just petting it and looking at it in ever type of light, I’d probably hang it, framed but not under glass, in the room I’m slowly turning into a craft room. I’ve recently divorced, and I’m living in a new, happier, place now, but one thing I miss from my old life is the brilliant sunlight that filled the apartment.

    This quilt would help recreate that light – I’ll have to get the ebook so I can learn how to do it myself.


  79. Jingle Says:

    This is gorgeous! Wow! I think I would actually give this to my Mom as a gift! She would love it and it would look great in her home!

  80. Dolores Says:

    If I was the lucky recipient of this gorgeous little quilt, I would hang it in my livingroom. We just repainted and the walls are a pale yellow which would set this quilt off wonderfully.

  81. Michele Says:

    I’m pretty sure the odds are against me here, but I’d love to have this beautiful quilt. And Geta’s e-book is fabulous – a great value loaded with easy to follow instructions, allowing you to make your own trapunto masterpiece.
    But I’d like to win this one!

  82. Gabby O. Says:

    Turn it into a pillow to show off in my living room! Love the colors!

  83. Laura Sokol Says:

    Honestly I am not sure what I would do after I framed it. I recently found some awesome shabby shic 20″ x20″ frames at good will. It would look perfect in one. I am not sure if I would hang it in the bedroom or in the family room. We are searching for a house at the moment so I am super excited to start decorating using more color! Painting walls and hanging more pictures and art is sounding more and more wonderful. Then I would buy the ebook to find out how to make more of these treasures!!!

  84. Laura GF Says:

    I’d hang it in my daughters’ room — I love for them to see that there are so many beautiful crafty ideas out there. Gorgeous.

  85. Heather G Says:

    I’m not sure…I would either keep it for myself, in my room or hang it in the my daughters’ bedroom. Very beautiful!

  86. Dawn Says:

    Wow! Stunning technique. I may have to check out her e-book.

  87. Jenya Says:

    Oooooh! How beautiful! I would look for an old square food stool and reupolster it with this gorgeous quilt. I wouldn’t use it to rest my feet though, haha. It would look so mid-century and sure to make an awesome conversation piece. Thanks for the offer!

  88. Jennifer Says:

    Matches my daughter’s room perfectly. Would frame and hang there.

  89. lisa Says:

    I’d hang it in my daughter’s room.

  90. SallySews Says:

    Lovely lovely quilt. Wouldn’t it look nice on my sewing room wall? Oh yes, it would. Please send it to me!

  91. Liz A. Says:

    Her work is just exquisite. I can only dream about making something like that.

  92. Roseanna Says:

    I would frame and hang it in my family room…it is exquisite, and such a generous giveaway!
    How can she part with such beauty from her own hands?

  93. SiSi Says:

    Wow, how cute!! I think I’d use it as a pretty decoration over my recliner:)
    I’m also posting your giveaway on
    Thanks for the chance!

  94. Sara Says:

    I would totally hang that up in my bedroom! That is so lovely I’d want to look at it everyday!

  95. Peggyinno Says:

    I have been admiring Geta’s creations for awhile now. I would love to own ANYTHING that she has made. I would hang it in my sewing room for great inspiration!

  96. Orkaloca Says:

    I’ve the ebook about shadow quilting, but I’ve not started work yet… I?d like to win this little quilt to put on the wall behind my sewing table, to motivate me :)

  97. DianeY Says:

    It’s so beautiful. I think I would hang it in my entry hall!

  98. Stephanie Says:

    I’d hang it in the living room – the colors are perfect, and it’s just so beautiful!

  99. Heather Says:

    That is beautiful! I would frame it and hang it in my guest room.

  100. Rachelle Says:

    So pretty! I’d put it in my daughters room.

  101. Martha Says:

    So beautiful! I’d hang it in my sewing room to inspire me. If only I could quilt like that.

  102. stacy Says:

    oh oh oh!!! I am just starting a wall art project THIS week with fabric and pictures in my front room!! SO perfect….AND!! how great is orange!?! Love it!

  103. Teah Says:

    I would give it to my mother…..she loves those colors. So beautiful though I might be tempted to keep it for myself.

  104. Sandy Shirley Says:

    I would hang in right in my foyer so it would be seen everyday.

  105. Allison K Says:

    I’d wash my hands before I even touched it, I’d admire it for a day or two, and then reluctantly send it to a quilter friend of mine would take the inspiration and make something beautiful!!! Or something! It’s gorgeous.

  106. Catherine Says:

    Beautiful! I’m in the process of redecorating my workspace in white and aqua with coral as an accent color…only I don’t really have anything coral! So, this would be perfect to hang in that room.

  107. Mimisneedle Says:

    I think I would give it away, to my daughter so she could have something beautiful in her new apt.

  108. Michelle Wyman Says:

    Oh it’s so beautiful! Love that Creamsicle color!! I would hang this in my quilting decorated foyer so everyone who entered would see it. I have a 1907 treadle sewing machine and my Grandma’s old sewing notions on display in my foyer… this quilt would go above the treadle in a place of honor!!

  109. Rane Says:

    … I have daughters so this would go into a shadow box until they are older then put into a hope chest for their future…to show no matter how small an item is it is a treasure if made with care… Patience is the lesson… I love this it is lovely!

  110. Nichole S Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I have always apprecited and admired the intricasies and patience of handwork–a virtue I was not blessed with. This would be beautiful in the center of my large square table or embellishing a large throw pillow for the living room or as a center medallion in a beautifully understated quilt for my dear daughter’s (quiltless) bed or framed on the wall in my baby girl’s nursery. There are just so many ideas for such a cheery work of art!

  111. Maureen Lawson Says:

    May the force be with me! Id love this quilt like it was my baby! Promise.

  112. amber Says:

    There is a space in my entry that is begging for beauty!

  113. Nancy S Says:

    I would show it off to all my friends!

  114. Tami Says:

    I LOVE this. I would use it in the middle of my dining room table. I have some beautiful pink dishes that would compliment it perfectly!

  115. DarleenG Says:

    I would frame the quilt and hang it on the living room wall. It is beautiful and needs to be put on display.

  116. Golonghorns Says:

    I would frame it and hang it up for display either in my formal dining space or my daughter’s room!

  117. Denise Guillot Says:

    Such beautiful needlework! I would definitely frame it and put it in my front living room.


  118. Tara H. Says:

    I would give it to my mom. She has been through a rough time lately and I think that she would really like this.

  119. Liz T Says:

    I have a niece with her first birthday coming up who loves dolls, I would make a bed etc and use the quilt for her dollies.

  120. CraftyCripple Says:

    As I am having my lounge completely gutted and making all our walls smooth and bright and white, I would hang is on the wall like it was in a gallery, because that is one beeyuuutiful piece of artwork and should be appreciated as such.

  121. Erin Says:

    How beautiful! I think I would hang it in the bedroom and use it as inspiration to redecorate in there.

  122. Wendy Says:

    I would hang it behind my desk in my office :)

  123. sandy Says:

    I purchaed the ebook but haven’t had time to even read it yet. (bad)

    What would I do …. I’d donate it to NQA ( for 2010 to their Silent Auction. It takes alot of money to run a big quilt show and they need all the help. Although I have to admit I’d love to see it on my bedroom wall … it would be perfect.

    thanks, please throw me into the pot.

  124. Sara Says:

    Wow! That is stunning! Of course, I’d love to win. It is such an inspiration piece. I’m thinking it would be great in the room that we are converting to a nursery (will be our 1st!!).

  125. Grace Wong Says:

    I would hang it on my wall!

  126. Robyn Says:

    My mini quilt will surely spend it’s time in my quilting/guest room where I could enjoy it always, and my guests could enjoy it while they were visiting too. And it matches the paint in there very well too!

  127. Dana Says:

    This little quilt is quite beautiful. I quilted several years ago, but was never able to master this technique. I would shawdow box frame it and hang it in my bedroom as it is the perfect color.

  128. Anne D Says:

    WOW what a beautiful quilt. I cant believe you are giving it away. I would hang it on a wall for everyone to see. It is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  129. Jessica W Says:

    I would hang it in my living room-it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

  130. Anne-Lise Says:

    It is a beautiful quilt and I would love to hang it on my sittingroom wall.

  131. Aida Costa Says:

    What pretty colours!! I would hang it on my wall next to my own series of mini quilts. I arrange them like a group of photos, but fibre art pieces are much prettier!!

  132. Jaana Says:

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful quilt! I’m stunned. I’ve seen trapunto quilts on solid backgrounds but how much cooler on a variegated one.

  133. Danette F Says:

    This is so beautiful, it would look lovely on my wall. Thanks!

  134. tracey Says:

    this quilt is stunning, I love all the detail..I would hang it in my living room!! would go perfectly..ok I admit it, I would hang it there anyway even if it did not go..don’t think things should be too matchy matchy anyway!! have a great day

  135. meg Says:

    I am a pediatric therapist working in a small clinic with terribly plain walls. I would hang this lovely little thing up for all my small clients to enjoy!

  136. Sandra Says:

    If I won this gorgeous quilt, I’d put it under glass and hang it on the wall as ART!

  137. Michelle Says:

    I’d put it on my mini quilt wall, in an honored spot right in the middle of my stairway. It’s just lovely! And I don’t have enough orange in my life…

  138. Jessica F. Says:

    It’s beautiful! I would put it on the wall in our bedroom.

  139. Carly Says:

    This piece would go on the wall in my office (meaning I would have to get an office..) because it is a beautiful piece of inspiration!!! And it’s my favourite colour.

  140. melissa Says:

    Since my craft room is orange, I am sure it would look LOVELY there (as it would anywhere!)

  141. Linda Dixon Says:

    Show it to my small group

  142. sue Says:

    OMG that is beautiful and I would be honored to have it in my new home.

    Thank you for your generosity, I don’t know how you can part with it!

    warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

  143. Jamie v Says:

    So beautiful! This would fit almost anywhere in my home, I see it on my reading chair.

  144. Audrey Says:

    I would turn it into wall art. It is so beautiful! She is a talented lady!

  145. Aliesha Says:

    It’s stunning! Hmmm, I’d love to hang it in our living room, both my husband and I love quilts, I’d probably do that first. But then hopefully when the time is right we could move it to a nursery ;) Those colors are so cheery. Thank you for the give away.

  146. Janet Says:

    Well, being a custom framer, I would definitely frame it and hang it in my own sewing room for a bit of inspiration! Gorgeous!!

  147. Heather Says:

    That’s absolutely stunning!

  148. Camille P Says:

    If I win, this quilt will be lovingly displayed with a Romanian egg a friend brought me when she visited back home. I see a Romanian collection in my future! :P

  149. Beth Moore Says:

    I’d hang it in my bedroom, it would look lovely with my bedspread. thanks for doing this giveaway

  150. Kimberlee Says:

    I am just finishing a new family cottage – I would hang it in the great room!

  151. jacque Says:

    This breathtaking quilt would go on my wall in the living room ,where everyone could see it. Thanks!

  152. Donje Says:

    If I won this quilt, I would give it to my fairy godmother. It is about the right size for her bed. :)

  153. Ginny Says:

    This is beautiful, I’d hang it in my daughters room.

  154. Courtney M Says:

    I would love to give this beautiful quilt to my Mother. We’ve had to significantly cut back on our gift giving this year (birthdays, Mother’s day, etc.) so this would be a great way to kind of make up for it – and it would go perfectly in her home!

  155. christina Sims Says:

    This is beautiful and I would have to showcase it in my kitchen/dining room as we are currently redecorating and painting. This is very lovely. Thanks for the link to her blog.

  156. Carol Says:

    If I am lucky enough to win this mini quilt – it would be a wall hanging or have a wonderful spot in my entry way on the table.

  157. n8'swife Says:

    It would be tough to decide whether I would hang it in my home or give it to my sister who LOVES quilts!

  158. Sherri Says:

    This beautiful quilt is like a painting! Though it would be tempting to use it on a pillow, I would want to display it in a frame in my living room.

  159. Jen O Says:

    I’d hang it up where everyone could see it…it’s beautiful!

  160. Tamara Says:

    Wow, what a beauty! Would it be sacrilegious to turn it into a pillow for my bed? :-)

  161. Debra Says:

    I would cherish it.

  162. Rebecca Says:

    I’ll tell you what I WOULDN’T do with it….

    I wouldn’t take my eyes off it. Absolutely stunning.

  163. MaryFramer Says:

    Beautiful work! I luv it!
    Here’s what I’d do with it…
    Big Surprize!! I’d frame it too!

    And here’s how:

    Quilts are made to lie flat on beds, not hang vertically on a wall. The stitching and fabric need to have proper support. This is true especially with full size quilts, the mounting board should be in the frame at an angle so that part of the weight will be held by it’s mounting. This will lessen the amount of stress on the seams, and the fabric.

    With this smaller square (which I really hope to win!!) however, an angle is not as important and unneccessary.

    Stitch lots of stitches thru the quilt – both in the perimeter and the field, through to the mounting board. This is called “couching”.
    Frame in a deep frame as to allow at least 1/4″ for this small piece and 1/2″ on full size quilts.

    Full size quilts require stretching a backing fabric (dye free washed muslin is best for antique quilts) on stretcher bars and then carefully couch the quilt on to that fabric. Again, stitch lots of stitches both in the perimeter and the field. You are almost re-quilting it to the stretched fabric. Next would be adding the spcer & framing it with the best UV blocking glass or acrylic available in that size.

    As always, seek a pros help when needed!

  164. deborah b. Says:

    I’d hang it in my office – I need something pretty to look at :)

  165. Sarah M. Says:

    I would use it as inspiration to try to create a shadow trapunto quilt of my own.

  166. sherri s. Says:

    I’d LIKE to say I’d give it away as a gift…but I might just have to frame it and hang it over my desk to remind myself that after work is done, crafting and creating can begin! It’s gorge!

  167. Julie Says:

    I would frame it and hang it in the living room. It is amazing.

  168. Sue A. Says:

    I’d mount it, then frame and hang it near my front door to share with everyone who comes to visit. It’s a beauty and I’d love to have it!

  169. Paula Says:

    One of these beautiful quilts would be LOVELY on my newly organized craft room/office wall! Thanks for the chance! xox

  170. Maggi Says:

    I’d hang this in a group of doll quilts, some by me and some by others, in my new craft room.

  171. Kristinia Says:

    I’d gift this to my daughter Helana for her 1st birthday, she loves blankies!

  172. mim Says:

    Lovely! I would hang it above my bed– the colors and pattern match my bedspread and bedroom really well!

  173. fert Says:

    that would totally look great against the chartreuse wall on my master bedroom :D

  174. Trish Says:

    I’d frame it and hang it in my daughter’s room!

  175. Brie Says:

    I would hang it on my orange wall, it would be perfect. Amazing work!

  176. Kristin Says:

    I would fram it and put it on my Master Bedroom wall, then I would have to get the book and make a bigger one like it for my bed.

  177. Christina Says:

    This beautiful quilt is so inspiring! I would love to be able to display it in my home. With vision and practice such treasures can be created!

  178. Amy M in Indiana Says:

    wow –this is beautiful!

  179. Teresa Novak Says:

    I am organizing and decorating my craft room, and I would definately hang it in there as inspiration!

  180. Martina Says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing the artist’s blog!

  181. MamaGast Says:

    I would definitly hang it in my brand new bathroom. I have been on the lookout for the perfect piece of artwork and here it is!

  182. Lori Wilson Says:

    I would definitely have it framed and hang in my studio !

  183. Joy Says:

    I would like to have it framed for my bedroom. It is gorgeous.

  184. Thu Says:

    I would get her e-book and learn how to make more! This one would be the center piece of an heirloom quilt I’d make with her technique. Stunning!

  185. carolld Says:

    I would frame it and cherish it forever. It is my dream to have something of Geta’s. Stunning!

  186. Andrea M. Says:

    Something that beautiful needs to be displayed! I would hang it in my family room so that all could see its beauty!

  187. edie3 Says:

    Oh, I would love it, and hold it and squeeze it! Seriously, I would hang it on a wall to treasure it forever!

  188. Heidy S. Says:

    That it is a beautiful piece and I think it would be the perfect starting off point to inspire me to finally decorate our master bedroom. THanks for the chance to win. I love this website – I have found way too many projects that I want to try – not enough hours in a day.

  189. MissKoolAid Says:

    That’s gorgeous. I would frame it and hang it in my living room.

  190. Rebecca Williams Says:

    This is gorgeous! I only wish I was this talented… I’m a newlywed so I would hang it on the wall of our future child’s room!

  191. Emily Says:

    Such an amazing quilt! I really love the design and colors. It would go great in my living room, hung right above my piano. Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  192. Katie Hartsell Says:

    If I won this mini quilt I would first probably shriek and hyperventilate, then I’d call my very best friend in the entire universe and shriek again. Then I would calm down and get a frame for it and put it in my studio to inspire me! It’s lovely!

  193. Briana Ethington Says:

    I think it would make a perfect baby gift for my friend who just had her first on Saturday!

  194. Julie L Says:

    I would hang the quilt in my daughter’s bedroom. It is so pretty

  195. alicejk1 Says:

    I would love to hang it in kitchen…it would inspire me to be more creative with my cooking.

  196. Kate Says:

    Lovely mini quilt! I sure wish I had that kind of talent! I would hang it in the nursery for my daughter who is due on Thanksgiving.

  197. Norma Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Geta’s quilting technique and will be giving it a try in the near future. I would love to own this little beauty so I can see her workmanship first hand. Thanks Geta and Rachel

  198. Lesley Says:

    This quilt is such a work of art that it definitely needs to be framed and hung in our hallway. That is the only way to give it the honour it deserves!

  199. Toni McPhail Says:

    I would love to hang this in my sewing room, where I have my morning coffee as it would inspire me for my creations.

  200. Kitty Mecham Says:

    As so many have said already, I would frame it! I would probably hang it in the entry way. It is so bright and inviting.

  201. Sandy Says:

    I’d hang it in my entryway to greet guests and family alike as they came in the door!

  202. trisha too Says:

    as my quilting skills aren’t quite up to this level, i’d donate it to the Apple Festival–it’s a fundraiser for a local children’s home which primarily features handmade quilts. (no, i wouldn’t say i’d made it–no one would believe me, anyway!!)


  203. Amanda C Says:

    My friend would LOVE this!! It shall be given to her!!!! :)

  204. Joie Says:

    I would frame it. It is so beautiful.

  205. Marrissa Says:

    I am due to have my third baby in December, this would be great to have for my little Jellybean :)

  206. emma Says:

    Wow, if I won this I would delightedly hang it in my study for permanent inspiration and enjoyment!

  207. Skye Says:

    Frame it. Hang it in my living room. Matches my house perfectly!!! That is serious talent. I’m determined to learn how.

  208. Samantha Says:

    I would use it as the centerpiece for a tea with my mom-friends. This quilt would be beautiful with my purple lustreware tea set!

  209. Tanya Hein Says:

    That quilt square is GORGEOUS. My plan for it is a little unorthodox, but I believe it would be the perfect piece to add to the quilt I inherited from my grandparents after my grandfather passed away. The quilt has the same colour scheme, although a little faded now after spending so many decades on their bed, but has a large worn patch in the centre. I’d love to incorporate this square into the existing quilt, combining new and old, and extending the life of my grandparents’ quilt.

  210. Julie Says:

    I would throw it over the easy chair in my office. I love the colors!

  211. Vicki Says:

    I would love to win Geta’s quilt as I have admired her work for a long time. I havent been game enough to try it and to have one to look at would be so wonderful. Great inspiration. :)

  212. Sarah Says:

    I’d love to gift it to my Mom, she has always shown a love for trapunto and Hawaiian motifs.

  213. Kathy Mac Says:

    I would hang that gorgeous little work of art in my master bedroom.

  214. rae Says:

    this is stunning! i would find just the right place to hang it to bring a smile to my face every time i see it! thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  215. Alisa Says:

    hang it on my wall for sure!! It’s gorgeous.

  216. Sandy G Says:

    Love the color……
    I use to make Christmas Ornament using “Trapunto”.
    That would look great in a “window guilt”.(I’m speaking of the design)
    Or a cool “Tote”…….for your hand quilting projects.
    The “e-book” sounds very interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win a “square”………
    Oh, will the pattern be included?
    Thanks, again

  217. Ruth Says:

    Well, the colors are beautiful and the quilting is awesome. I would be hanging it on a wall so my “quilting” daughter would drool over it when she comes to visit.

  218. Jackie W Says:

    What a wonderful gift to win, to learn such a beautiful technique. Thank you for this opportunity!

  219. Kerri Says:

    I would place it on my little side table complete with all of my favorite things, as this is sure to be a quick favorite.

  220. Ellen Lai Says:

    I would hang it on my bedroom wall.

  221. laurie Says:

    This beauty would look terrific in my daughter’s new bedroom! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  222. Jackie Says:

    I visited her site just recently for the first time, and was blown away. Her work is amazing. I would just treasure this piece and count myself extremely lucky to have it. Thank you for the chance to have one made by Geta.

  223. Sandi Says:

    In reading through all the thoughts & ideas as to
    the ‘Who, What & Where’s that might be honored
    with this truly beautiful work of art
    I find myself sitting here,
    secretly wishing it was mine.
    I would be thankful …
    I would honor it …
    I would indeed love to have it
    for my very own.

  224. arlette Says:

    I just felt for your quilt, it’s gorgeous, beautiful: it will be the center of atention in my house, so don’t matter when it going to be, going to look just precious, and it will all mine, lol

  225. Laura Greig Says:

    Wow, I think I would spend the first month or 2 just holding it and staring at it! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I would probably eventually have to hang it up and stop staring 24/7 and get on with life, but I would put it somewhere in my home where I would see it each and every day! What beautiful work!

  226. Jocelyn Says:

    I have been an admirer of Geta’s work for a long time. Her work is so beautiful and stunning. I would study the beautiful quilting, and then I would showcase it in my dining room. Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway :-)

  227. Dina (XYYan) Says:

    I’ll hang it in my room, it is so gorgeous!!

  228. Victoria Miner Says:

    What a gorgeous little quilt ! I would hang it in my bedroom so I could see it first thing in the morning and start my day with a touch of beauty.

  229. Lynn Sletta Says:

    Oh I have admired Greta’s work since I stumbled across her blog several months ago! Beautiful work and color! If I had this little beauty I’d hang it on my bedroom wall to see as I woke up each morning. HOPEFULLY it would inspire me daily to keep at my quilting and other projects! Thank you so much for offering the chance to win this wonderful little quilt!

  230. Megan Says:

    How lovely! I would frame this little gem and make a wall mosaic in my daughter’s room.

  231. Kimberly Says:

    Oh so gorgeous! It would totally go in my bedroom. It goes with our color scheme in there and would look fabulous!

  232. Cindi Says:

    I envy creative and talented people like her! What a gorgeous mini quilt. Your
    giveaway ends on our oldest son’s person. Maybe, it will be my lucky day!
    I have always enjoyed hanging quilts on my walls. This one look great in our library!
    Many thanks for the chance to win a handmade quilt.

  233. Holly Says:

    I would love to win one of Greta’s beauties. Thanks for the chance.

  234. Susan Says:

    That’s One Pretty Thing, alright! Beautiful. If it came to live with me I’d hang it where it would be oh-so-cheery looking on long snowy days. What a picker-upper!

  235. Dorothy Says:

    I would treasure it. Look at it often for inspiration and know that all things are possible; and that if I endeavor, someday I too may be able to create an artistic piece of beauty.

  236. Bonnita Says:

    Besides love and treasure it, I would frame and hang it where I could enjoy it everyday. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  237. Jessa Says:

    This is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous. I would frame it and put it on the wall in my baby girls nursery. It would go perfectly.

  238. amanda Says:

    i would frame it for my niece that will be born soon! :D

  239. Cathy Says:

    Very very pretty! I would put it on the bedside table and enjoy it!

  240. Lorraine Says:

    It’s lovely. I would love to send it to my daughter who has just moved into a new apartment to use as a wonderful accent piece.

  241. emeggs Says:

    I also would love to win this little, beautiful quilt. I’m a fan of Geta here in Austria. And I surely would not give away this treasure!

  242. Esther Says:

    What an amazing work of art. I would love to display this in our front room, where we entertain guests. I would love to meet Geta.

  243. Serena Says:

    Ohhhhhhh! I love trapunto! I would put this in a secret place and take it out every morning and night to ogle it. Or I would simply showcase it in my living room.

  244. Jo Ann Volenec Says:

    I could stare at this beauty all night. Love a craft that is so will done. Would love to share this with all my quilting friends. Brings to mind “thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods.

  245. Yvonne Says:

    I greatly admire Geta’s skill, and I would love to win this beautiful piece of work so I could study it and learn how to do this craft.

  246. nadia Says:

    i would hang it up, its gorgeous!

  247. Annelise Says:

    What a wonderful little quilt!

    How nice it would be to decorate a wall in my sewing room with it!

  248. Audrey Says:

    I would hang it in my sewing room where I spend most of my days. It would hang on the wall that I face most of the day and I am sure it would inspire me to ’step out of my small box’.

  249. Tammy Says:

    I would hang it on the wall in my bedroom, where I could keep it in sight, and have something beautiful to look at when I wake up.

  250. Michele Q. Says:

    What a beautiful piece! I would be proud to display it in my home.

  251. Shelley C Says:

    Geta has quite a reputation! HEr work is wonderful and ideas so creative! This piece is so pretty. I’d hang it in our living room which is accented with corals and rust. Perfect. It’ll be a happy spot during the long cold winter months ahead.

  252. Stephanie Says:

    I would hang it in my sewing studio!!!

  253. Phyllis Says:

    I would hang it in my bedroom/sewing studio! My Mom’s favorite color is orange and growing up I grew to hate orange… but now I am attracted to oranges and they make me nostalgic and remember my happy childhood!

  254. Natalie Says:

    That is so lovely! I would frame it and hang it in my daughter’s room…or I might be selfish and put it in my own room!

  255. sandy Says:

    How precious! I would frame this and hang it in my living room, the colors would be perfect!

  256. Michele Says:

    I love this mini quilt! I would hang it in my entry way for all to see!

  257. Mary Alison Says:

    I would hang in in my soon-to-be daughter’s room – we are adopting and this would be perfect for her new room!

  258. KimM Says:

    I’d hang it right over my desk in my craft room. How could you not be inspired by it?

  259. Tammy Willard Says:

    I love quilts, and this one is exceptional. The detail is just awesome. I would definitely hang it somewhere in my bedroom because that is my special place. You have a great gift and obviously a lot of patience! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  260. Beverly Says:

    I would hang it over my mantle just above all my family photos. What an amazing quilt!

  261. Kelly Jackson Says:

    What a beautiful quilt. If I won the quilt I would hang it in my entry way. I would say “good morning beautiful quilt” and “good afternoon beautiful quilt” and “good night beautiful quilt.” I would dust it by shaking it off on my front porch. I’d hang it only on the best of hangers and take very good care of it. I’ll probably wish it happy holidays during each holiday too :)


  262. Colleen A Bartell Says:

    The shadow trapunto are some of the most beautiful designs I have seen. Would love to hang one in my sewing room.

  263. Tina Says:

    Beautiful quilt. I would be totally honored to win one of Geta’s quilts. Her e Book is awesome.

  264. Carol Hansen Says:

    Oh my goodness a Geta trapunto giveaway. Let the world rejoice :)

    It would fit very nicely in my bedroom and would inspire me every time I walk into the room (which is often).

  265. Samantha Says:

    So beautiful. I would give this to my mother, a talented quilter in her own right, because I know she’d appreciate the time it took to make such a beautiful piece of art.

  266. Nan Says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! Orange is my favorite color! I would hang this as the first piece of art on the walls of my newly decorated guest room.

  267. Doris Says:

    That would look fabulous hanging on my living room wall!


  268. Marj Says:

    What a beautiful quilt. It would look great hanging in my sewing room……..where I spend most of my time……..maybe touching it would inspire me to try trapunto!

  269. Kathleen Says:

    What wonderful workmanship! And the choice of fabric is perfect with the chosen design.
    I would be honored to hang this quilt in my living room, where I can enjoy it every evening when I sit (under a quilt) reading a book.
    Thank you for this generous giveaway.
    Kathleen C.

  270. katie r Says:

    I have a doll quilt wall…. with 1 quilt on it… I would love to have this to inspire too. Thanks!

  271. kathi everett Says:

    I would love to hang that gorgeous quilt in my home! It would be cherished.

  272. Kari Says:

    Wow. Just amazing. I would frame this and give it to my best girlfriend as a gift. She would absolutely love it! Thanks for offering it up.

  273. Janie Says:

    Definitely frame it and hang it in my office to inspire me :)

  274. Julie Says:

    I would hang it up in my office. Beautiful piece! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely creation.

  275. Gladys Says:

    I would love to win one of Greta’s gorgeous quilt! Thanks for the chance.

  276. Martha Robinson Says:

    That piece is beautiful. Upon winning, I think first I’d just look at it for a while and then probably give it to my sister.

  277. Robin Atkins Says:

    I’ve seen this Eastern European design done in satin stitch embroidery, where the flower petals are raised because of the stitching technique. What a great idea to do the design in trapunto quilting!!! I am thrilled with how it looks. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll probably frame it and hang it beside a picture I took while in Romania years ago of a child in costume holding a bouquet of flowers. I think the colors would look great together!

  278. Carole Baker Says:

    I have a quilt hanger in my entry way. My goal is to have enough small quilts to be able to rotate something new there weekly or monthly. I have a long way to go, since I just finished #3. Greta’s beautiful quilt would certainly be a fine work of art to display. My office want’s me to do the same thing there, so I will need all the help I can get!

  279. Spencer Says:

    Oh my gosh………I simply cannot believe you’d give away something so beautiful that is soooooo much work. How very generous. I LOVE it…and would be thrilled to win.

    Please include me in your drawing too.


  280. Shasta Says:

    This is beautiful. I would put it in my front entryway, so people would see it as soon as they came in the door.

  281. Annemarie Says:

    Oh, I would definitely hang this on my daughter’s bedroom wall so that as she moves out of young-girl themed bedroom deco, she will be able to continue to use this and appreciate it.

  282. April Says:

    It would look so cut hanging on the wall next to my breakfast table.

  283. Jenna Z Says:

    This looks like the perfect table topper for my dining table! How beautiful!!

  284. Harriet Says:

    I would hang this in my entryway. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

  285. SusanK Says:

    This would look stunning above my sewing machine. Geta’s workmanship is amazing.

  286. Wren Says:

    If I won, I would savor the luxury of having something so beautiful in my house.

  287. Michele P. Says:

    this definitely deserves to go up on a wall in my home, it’s gorgeous!

  288. Sandra Says:

    If I were lucky enough to win, I’d hang this piece, straight away, in my craft room–how inspiring it would be! It is simply stunning.

  289. Molly Says:

    Lovely! Absolutely lovely! I’d give it to my mom – she loves quilting and it would look just gorgeous hanging in her quilt room.

  290. debbie Says:

    I will love it forever!

  291. Darci Says:


  292. chelsey Says:

    If I won I would admire and love it everyday as I passed it hanging on my wall! It’s amazing.

  293. Debbie Says:

    Beautiful give away…. please enter me.

  294. Leanna Says:

    Would love to have this in a baby room…hopefully soon!

  295. Sue Heins Says:

    I would hang this lovely quilt in my craftroom so I could gaze it as I craft and be inspired.

  296. :o) mg Says:

    This would SO go on my dining room wall, showcased all by itself: a place of honor. It is simply the most beautiful thing I have seen since my kids went to bed a few hours ago. Wow.

  297. Kara Says:

    Ok, it would have to go on the wall, but where??? I have a “hole” above my couch, just waiting to be filled by just the right thing… but I would like to be selfish, and put it up in my craftroom. What a great inspiration piece!

  298. Loris Says:

    I love the colors!! I would hang it in my daughters bedroom. What a treasure!

  299. Priscilla Says:

    My daughter is in romania as I write this, visiting and working in an orphanage short term, so I would delightedly prepare it as a welcome home, thank-you-for-serving gift for her. It would be prominently placed on her bed, in her room. A treasure and reminder of her time there.

  300. christy Says:

    so stunning and dreamy and intricate!truly a treasure.

  301. Renee Says:

    It would go on the wall of my sewing room – to inspire me!

  302. Lubaska Says:

    This quilt is wonderful! I would put in on my small table as a decoration. Thanks.

  303. Ilissa Says:

    I’d likely hang it on the wall or use it as a doll quilt. It is lovely!

  304. Annabel Says:

    Oooh, it will go in my entryway, next to the the orange Louis Armstrong concert flyer and the bust of the fox terrier.

  305. Sabrita Says:

    I would love to hang this lovely quilt in my diningroom. The colors would be perfect. Thank you.

  306. Erin Phelps Says:

    I would hang this in my living room it is absolutely beautiful!

  307. Tracy Says:

    I’m such a “non-sewer” and I would absolutely LOVE to have this to display in my home. It’s fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity Ü

  308. Maralena Says:

    This quilt would be a match made perfect for my 3 daughters who share a room and bed. It could get me motivatied to quilt them a bedsread to match this one. I plan on making a tea corner in their room and this quilt could be perfect for a tea picnic!

  309. lauren Says:

    my bedroom is in these colors – it would look great on the wall!

  310. valerie Says:

    hmmm, either in my hallway or master bedroom, oooh, or over my chair & ottoman in my living room. Who knows?!?!? I’d have to yest it out all over, but boy it is beautiful, I love the vibrant orange. I was looking for a print that had a bright orange or yellow, this would make a great substitution.

  311. Lyudmila Says:

    Darling Geta! I Take an opportunity to express admiration of your works!
    Excuse, if not on a theme I write (I use it лайн the translator)! To Me to not keep up with your talent, I would admire your works always! From you to me newsfeeds come! Thanks, I so am glad, that have learned you! I read your site! Lyudmila. Russia.

  312. Ammie Says:

    What a beautiful, detailed quilt. Our bedroom is decorated in vibrant oranges and yellows. If I hung this on our wall, it would add just the right piece of sunshine to wake up to. Thanks!

  313. Heather Says:

    It’s beautiful. I’d probably frame it and hang it up.

  314. Fran K Says:

    I would display this beautiful piece of art in my dining room.

  315. Nancy Says:

    I’ve been following Geta’s blog for a while now, and would love to have one of her pieces to display–this one even matches my walls!

  316. Liz Says:

    Wow. This is beautiful and the color is amazing. I would definitely display it. It’s perfect to “warm” a home!

  317. BettyC Says:

    What a beautiful work of art! I would display it–the colors are perfect for our dining room.

  318. Erin Says:

    Is this for real? SO GORGEOUS! If I were lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would frame this beautiful quilt in a Shadowbox, and put a small doll and her Teddy friend from my collection seated on the bottom of the frame.

  319. Barb Says:

    I’m afraid I’d have to use it as a bib. Yup – cuz I’d be drooling all over it!!!

  320. Kara Says:

    I would bring this to work and share it with my clients on skid row…I am so heartened that everybody responds to art no matter what their life circumstances.

  321. Rosa Says:

    What a gift to be able to create such beutiful pieces of art. I would display it in my family room where it is sure to admire by my family and friends.

  322. Heather Says:

    It’s beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  323. BOBBI Says:

    It’s a work of art! I would display it in my cedar quilt case!!I love it!

  324. purejoy Says:

    i’d hang this beauty right in my dining room. which is open to the kitchen. and the living room. it’s the pefect splash of colors in a golden and blue environment!! oh, pick me!!

  325. Chrystine Says:

    I would certainly hang this as art. It’s gorgeous! Love the colors.

  326. Kathleen Cramer Says:

    It was definitely have a permanent residence in my home, just wouldn’t have a permanent spot. Each room will have a special place for her. My quilt room for inspriation, my living and bedroom for the shear beauty of it! They would just have to share!

  327. Nikki Says:

    Gorgeous- I’d hang this over my sewing machine as encouragement to keep at it!

  328. tartuffed Says:

    I would wrap it around me and jump up and down with excitement. Then I would pretend it was a cape and run around the apartment singing the batman theme song. and then I would turn up the air conditioning and pretend it was winter.



  329. Kim @ Everything Etsy Says:

    I love the colors…I would have to hang it in my bedroom. It’s beautiful!


  330. Lisa Says:

    This would be beautiful in my guest room!

  331. Sylvia Says:

    I would certainly hang in or display it in some way–it’s a piece of art!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  332. Carleigh Says:

    Gorgeous, what great work! I would hang it in my quilting room as inspiration to make beautiful things.

  333. Kalee Says:

    Gorgeous! This would look amazing in the nursery we are planning!

  334. April O. Says:

    My young daughter’s new found love of quilts has now become a family affair. We would absolutely treasure this wonderful work of art, displayed in her room.

    Thank you for this great giveaway opportunity!

  335. karin Says:

    That is just gorgeous. Those details! I would hang it in our bedroom. Although my sewing room is a good option too, because it would be very inspiring to look at.

  336. Suzie Says:

    It is so gorgeous!!! How generous of you! I absolutely love this wonderful work of art!!!

  337. zakka life Says:

    What a gorgeous quilt. I would display it on my daughter’s bed.

  338. Nancy Ward Says:

    Stunning…what a treat it woul be to win this stunning quilt.