SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2008 12:39PM PST 

A couple of notes on this drizzly Sunday...

The most recent Halloween Roundups have been added to the button on the right. Currently there are about 150 projects there with lots more on the way in the coming month. Hopefully everyone finds something they're interested in!

I've also created a similar spot for Fall Roundups. Clicking the button will take you to the four Fall Roundups we have so far.

I've noticed a few people are having issues subscribing to the site. If you're one of them and wouldn't mind shooting me an email with a note about your issue I would really appreciate it! I'm trying to narrow down just what browsers are giving people trouble.

Thanks so much!

2 Responses to “Site news”

  1. jessica Says:

    I love those buttons on the side! It really helps when I’m trying to search out one of those tutorials I saw….and then forgot to print out! Can I tell you again how much I love this site????

  2. adult friend Says:

    adult friend…

    Cool topic…I thought about your points and must say I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. I’m going to share your blog with my loyal readers. …

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