SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2008 3:57PM PST 

*I adore this idea seen on All Buttoned Up. She used a cotton print and spray starch to cover the lower pane of a window. Genius.

*The amazing and inspiring Resurrection Fern teaches us how to knit and felt a bangle bracelet.

*Martha has a useful soap dish shelf project.

*Ginger and Gold posted directions to make a button side table. Perfect for sewing rooms!

*Little Birdie Secrets shows us how to make a whistle lanyard for football season.

*Zakka Life has directions for a vase out of recycled bottles,

*And a tutorial for a child's art smock.

*Molly Chicken has a darling hedgehog softie with pocket how-to.

*Goody-Goody shows us how to make a patchwork eye pillow.

*Craftershock has plans for a DIY lightbox for photographing crafts.

*The Style File posted a gorgeous photo of a tea towel curtain. This would be so easy to make!

*DIY a monitor-raising phone book to save your back while blogging.

*Within Purple Lemon Designs has a fun fortune cookie greeting project.

*Craft Stylish has an eye-catching quilted belt tutorial.

*Craft pretty woven-ribbon jewelry with directions from Craft Stylish.

*Make your own grocery bag with this Instructable. Useful!

*Jezze shows us how to make a fabric paint stamp pad. Useful for small objects!

*Sew, Mama Sew has a tutorial for making patchwork kitchen towels.

*This Old House shows us how to turn an old sink into an outdoor bar.

*ReadyMade has a useful way to repurpose an old belt.

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Ready for more Crafty Business Resources goodness?

Branding and Building Your Blog Part 2 : Handmaiden

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And I wanted to share a giveaway with you! One of my favorite Daily DIY contributors, Film in the Fridge, is having a market tote bag giveaway. Get over there by Wednesday the 17th, 7pm EST and comment with "your favorite fabric designer, or even a particular fabric that’s a favorite." Her bags rock. GO!

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5 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Lucia Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have enjoyed checking out yours, but it is very dangerous for me….I get sucked into all of the great sites you highlight and before I know it is way too late at night! Lucia

  2. Linda Crispell Says:

    We should be paying you for the amount of wonderful information you dispense on your blog!
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Maya Says:

    The light box idea is just what I needed! I like to take photographs of seashells and never thought of setting something up like that. Thanks.

  4. Kelley Hart Says:

    Whoa! That’s a lot of inspiration . . . gotta go check it all out. . . see ya!

  5. adult friend Says:

    adult friend…

    Cool topic…I thought about your points and must say I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. I’m going to share your blog with my loyal readers. …

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