While spending my days bouncing around the blogs and forums hunting down projects for the Daily DIY, I come across quite a few articles, tips and guides for Etsy sellers and those beginning crafty businesses. Just this week I came across four must-read articles for those selling their crafts online:

*How to Brand your Blog/Craft Business Part One : Handmaiden

*How to Be a Crafty Marketer Part One : Modish

*How to Be a Crafty Marketer Part Two : Modish

*Holiday How-Tos : Online Marketing Tips : The Storque

I've noticed that quite a few One Pretty Thing readers have Etsy shops or crafty endeavors on the side, and I was wondering how much interest there would be in me compiling a list of these seller resources. I was thinking a button in the margin a la the Crafty Contests, with a running list of organized links. Thoughts? Interest?

15 Responses to “Craft Seller Resources”

  1. Orna Willis Says:

    I think that’s a wonderful idea! and you would probably do it in your very eye pleasing manner!

  2. sarah Says:

    great idea. i sell on an indie site called
    btw, i come here everyday. thanks for the easy to view set up!

  3. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs Says:

    Great idea! I would love to see this compilation.

  4. Jen M Says:

    What a good idea.

  5. Candi- Teal Chic Says:

    Thank you soooo much for the etsy links. All the great comments this morning has caused me to update my post, and this was one of the things I added. Thank you!!!

    Thanks for comment and the inspiration…I’m really excited about it! Good luck with the veggie recipes…you’ll have to share them with us! :)

  6. Chica and Jo Says:

    We love the marketing tips and are currently working on an area on our site to link to the sites that inspire us. A list of seller resources would be fantastic.

  7. Ashley Says:

    That’s a great idea! The links you already posted for those articles are very useful, and having it all compiled in one place would be really helpful!

  8. thehomebound Says:

    It really is a good idea. New resources are always helpful.

  9. Karen Says:

    That’s a great idea! I sell a bit on Etsy too (though, not much at the moment) and these are some great resources.

  10. Marelisa Says:

    I clicked through to the links you provide here and I especially liked this one: How to Be a Crafty Marketer Part Two : Modish. This is a good explanation of how to find a niche which is uniquely you and it can be applied for many things other than crafts. I think I’m going to link to it in a future post, giving you credit for having found it of course :-)

  11. frazzy dazzles Says:

    I have just found your site and I’m so glad I did. I’m new to blogging and to the world of Etsy so your tips are very timely. Thanks heaps – Jen

  12. mayaluna Says:

    You’re always finding new ways to inspire! A button with seller resources and forums would be so helpful. I’m here everyday, so it would save me some more time. That ’s what you’ve become to so many of us…the one-stop shop. I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and wonderful organization. I’ve been following along with modish,but didn’t know about the other links, heading over tonight!

  13. Sarah Says:

    I think it would be a great idea! It would be so nice to have it all in one place. Thank you for all your great ideas. I love coming here to see what the latest projects are.

  14. adult friend Says:

    adult friend…

    Cool topic…I thought about your points and must say I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. I’m going to share your blog with my loyal readers. …

  15. Amy Says:

    Hi! I believe I saw a pattern for an apron on your sight a while back. I have one through your archives, but cannot locate it. Do you remember this posting? Might you be able to point me toward the right posting? Thank you!

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