SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2008 11:25AM PST 

*Create Canned Halloween Monstrosities to decorate your Halloween table.

*Craft Quick-Spun Cobwebs using your glue gun.

*Follow the BHG step-by-step Halloween planner to have a successful and organized holiday.

*Love Manor has a large selection of labels so you can create your own Spooky Potion Jars!

Leave no corner undecorated when you make these bat sconces.

*Create treat-filled black roses for your Halloween party.

*Decorate a buffet with Black Tissue over tattered cloth.

*Having a party? Take invite inspiration from these spooky Wedding Invitations.

*Whip up a Halloween treat perfect for a party buffet.

*Create unique Collage Masks to liven up your costume.

*Try one of the 8 Kid- Friendly Halloween Recipes from this article.

*Decorate your porch with an easy-to-make bubbling cauldron.

*Grab inspiration from these Flickr-found Halloween cupcakes:

1. Jill Doughtie : Ghost Cupcake

2. Wockerjabby: Halloween Wild Thing Cupcake

3. Bunch of Pants : Web Cupcakes

4. RockandMandy: Sugar Skull Cupcakes

Painted pumpkins are going to be huge this year! Get a head start with these how-to's from Deco Arts:

1. Shimmer and Shine Pumpkins

2. Harlequin Pumpkin

3. Swirl Pumpkin

4. Sparkle Dipped Pumpkin

1. Spider Web Pumpkin

2. Glowing Ghoul

3. Pumpkin with Bling

4. Ghostly Gourd

1. Pumpkin in Plaid

2. Sparkle and Shine Pumpkins

3. Monogrammed Pumpkin

4. Welcome to Our Nest Trio

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7 Responses to “Halloween Roundup”

  1. Katie Says:

    I am LOVING all those halloween treats! Those witches are AWESOME! Starring this to use in October. THANKS!

  2. Karen Says:

    Love these…….I’m SO glad that it’s going to be Fall soon! It’s still kind of warm and Summery here in VA, but hopefully that will start to change…..

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I love all of this stuff! So many things I want to try and so little time and space to put it all!

  4. Jenna Z. Says:

    I just have to say THANK YOU for compiling these, especially all the witch’s cabinet/spooky jar labels! I am decorating our library in a haunted library/spooky lab theme this year and these ideas are perfect!

  5. Crafts by Alice Says:

    I love the Halloween wedding invitations. So spooky & cool!

  6. adult friend Says:

    adult friend…

    Cool topic…I thought about your points and must say I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. I’m going to share your blog with my loyal readers. …

  7. sohbet Says:

    Thank you very much/4/7/2011 6:04:44 PM

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