OCTOBER 1ST, 2008 9:29AM PST 

As election fervor mounts and people begin to plan debate and election viewing parties, I've decided to keep track of all the election related DIY and post Election Roundups! I'd really like to be fair to all the candidates out there so if anyone has any McCain or independent related projects, I'd love to hear about them!

*Print out, cut and fold your own candidate at foldUScandidate.com.

*Cube Craft has limited edition Election 2008 printable and foldable cube candidates.

*Pop Up Politics: visit Whip Up to print your candidate and assemble him into a White House pop-up card.

*Print and assemble your own Obama at Build-O-Bama.

*Jones Soda is making Campaign Cola perfect for election parties. You can also make your own limited edition Ameri-cola with your own picture, words and flavor.

*Donkey and Elephant by couture-cupcakes.com.

*SanFranAnnie shares cupcakes you can believe in.

*Kai's Candy Company has fun lollipops and hard candy in red, blue and bipartisan sets.

*Tons of printable, scalable Obama stickers. These would be great for making cupcake picks, garlands, iron-ons and more!

*The Paper Source has fun stamps and supplies for those looking to "Stamp the Vote."

*Plum Party has a huge variety of election paper goods and favors-great ideas for DIY'ers!

*Cathie Filian shows us Jo-Ann Fabrics political fabrics and gives us some craft ideas. Dog bandanna time!

*Happy Zombie shares free Obama buttons for your blog.

*Duncan has a Craft the Vote tee shirt project how-to in "vote red,"

*And "vote blue."

*Cut Out and Keep user Molliewobbles shows us how to make her unique VOTE shirt-with or without the Obama logo.

*Black Threads shares a free Obama redwork block pattern.

*The Obama Craft Project has a free Obama logo knit hat pattern,

*And a free Obama name knit hat pattern.

*Instructables has an Obama light tutorial.

*   *   *

*And if you're looking for fun political goods made by indie crafters, the Etsy shop DIY or Die has a huge selection of fun jewelry featuring ALL the candidates.

8 Responses to “Election Roundup”

  1. Flassie Says:

    Fold your own canidates are pretty funny. These are great. I’ll
    check the rest out later. I need to go buy curtain rods for the
    curtains I am working on. I just seen a great idea from Mrs. Fix it
    I only wish we had a table like that to use her idea. I’ve been having
    a bit of problems cutting some material straight for the ties I want to
    make for the curtains. The material is really long so and it’s been hard
    for me to get it straight. I wonder if her idea is on her website. I’ll have
    to check. She pulled the table open a little and used it to cut a straight
    edge on the material.

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Maybe I’ll draw the canidates and
    put them up on my blog.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Oh yeah! These are great. I’m fine having more Obama, but I get that you should be fair. Very cool.

  3. Firefly Hill Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for visiting me…I am glad you like my silvery things!


  4. YS Says:

    Hi. The folduscandidate website also has Palin and Biden which can be fun for tomorrow’s debate.

  5. YS Says:

    Hi. The folduscandidate website also has Sarah Palin and Joe Biden which can be fun for tomorrow’s debate.

  6. Dolce Chic Says:

    I love this one! I think this is my favorite one yet!!!! I want to make the Obama cupcakes :)

  7. adult friend Says:

    adult friend…

    Cool topic…I thought about your points and must say I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. I’m going to share your blog with my loyal readers. …

  8. happy zombie Says:

    I LOVE that you gave my bama-bling a shout-out… thanks Rachel!

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