MAY 13TH, 2009 3:17PM PST 

6 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Katherine Marie Says:

    Some super fun and interesting ideas here. Those heart rocks are beyond cool. The accessories valet is wild and incredible.

    Lovin all your ideas as always!!!!!!!!

  2. Annie Pazoo Says:

    More crafty fabulousness, Rachel. Love them all!

  3. Kimara@weefolkart Says:

    Love the room divider idea. I’m a minimalist on personal accessories (I don’t think I’ve changed my silver hoop earrings in 6 months!) but it would be a blast do organize accessories in my craft room. I’ll have to give this some thought. Thanks for a lovely collection.

  4. sabine Says:

    Just want to say thank you for searching the web and finding all this grat ideas and tutorials. To check your site is one of the first things I do in the morning!

  5. Diann Says:

    Wow! Have to try the display idea for my collection of heart shaped rocks..kept now in a wire basket. And the 3D photo is a project I will try this weekend! Great usual.

  6. Joan Says:

    These finds are great. I really like that business card envelope. Very clever. Plus, from the day’s previous finds, I like the draw-string sleeve bag tutorial. What a very easy way to make a drawstring bag! I’m gonna use that technique! Thank you so much for finding all these! Have a fun day!

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