APRIL 23RD, 2009 3:54PM PST 

8 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    Thanks for the link! I love the CD spindle light and the waffle tee onesie is so stinkin’ cute!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for linking me! that waffle onesie is so cute! as well as the button bouqet!

  3. The Masked Mommy Says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been looking for tea party ideas, and I’m totally trying the bubble painting!!! :-) I <3 this blog!

  4. bellaguinness Says:

    My husband is so getting a pair of those cedar sneaker stuffers.

  5. Junie Moon Says:

    Lots of good ideas here for me to try: learning to fold fat quarters, making my own CD/DVD cases, and so on. Thanks for sharing them as well as my own Cedar Sneaker Stuffes project.

  6. Linda@ Restyled Home Says:

    There is just so much goodness here, it honestly is the go-to spot for inspiration. I am looking for something fantastic to hang over a baby’s change table (for a client, not me!), and I am going to have a look through your archives. Of course, if you can think of anything off the bat, I would be forever indebted to you!!

    Thanks Rachel, for creating such a wonderful website!!

  7. Flassie Says:

    I’ve been trying to find an upright planter that I thought you posted about.
    It is one that you have to build. It is for small places I think. Like if you
    live in an apartment and want to have space to grow vegetables on the

    Do you know if you have made a link to it? I should of bookmarked it.

    God Bless You and Yours and Thank So Much for Sharing all the Links!!!

  8. Kristina with a K Says:

    Thanks for featuring me! I love your site and truely appreciate all of the great ideas you share!!



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