APRIL 23RD, 2009 1:48PM PST 

8 Responses to “Kid’s Craft Roundup”

  1. Wendy Piersall Says:

    Luuuurrrvvv the ladybug treats! Great find!

  2. Katherine Marie Says:

    Incredible projects!!! I’m in love with the tiny kitchen!!!!!!

  3. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Says:

    The beanbags are super cool!!

  4. Missy (Two Little Monkeys) Says:

    Thank you so much for showing my daughter’s TP bracelet. She and I am honored! Thanks again for having such a great blog!!!!!

  5. Nap time Journal Says:

    Thanks again for all your work in giving us great ideas. And thanks again for featuring my lacing toys! Have a great day!

  6. aimee Says:

    i have a sick kiddo at home who is climbing the walls… i think those bean bags might be on the agenda for tomorrow!

  7. Tricia Says:

    yaa!!! I told Missy to come over, she may be your new blogstalker :) I am so glad you put up their bracelet’s. they are so cute!!

  8. Candi Says:

    Oh how fun! I love the oven from Martha!!!

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