MARCH 31ST, 2009 11:48PM PST 

Happy April Fools' everyone! I'd post more but Lil' B is giving me the side eye. Have a great day!

(If you happened to miss our April Fools' page or are just an avid Lil B fan, here's the link.)

47 Responses to “Happy April Fools’!”

  1. Ketutar Says:

    I would not have come here if I had found a place to comment on Lil’B’s takeover on that page, but alas, poor kitty is just a cat, not a programmer :-D So, no intention to break the cat’s heart :-)

    That is the best April Fools’ prank I have ever been part of! Thank you! Standing ovations, rain of rose petals and all that :-) A wonderful way to start a day :-)

  2. Spotted Sparrow Says:

    Lil B is my new hero!

  3. Blinka Says:

    Lovely kitteh-joke =) But I had to go in here too, because I luuuv your place =) Sorry Lil’B!

  4. Melody Says:

    I was grumpy until I saw Lil’B! What a great April Fool’s prank!

  5. Dusa Says:

    tooooooooo funny.

    Must make kitteh ears for my itteh bitteh kitteh committeh.

  6. Darlene Says:

    At first I thought your site was hacked. Great April Fool’s joke. My Shih Tzu probably feels the same way.

  7. Rane Says:

    I had completely for got about April fools day! Thanks… I wonder who I will prank…?
    That did startle me!! It was really cute though, thanks for the April fun!!

  8. Norma Says:

    Hey Rachel, That was an awesome home page! I was laughing the whole time! That must have been a lot of work! As always, thanks for all the round ups!

  9. Kathy Says:

    I have to admit, I was slightly confused for about 20 seconds. LOL!

  10. LollyChops Says:


    YOU ROCK (how come I cannot make this font mo biggeth and mo boldeth)????? I cannot get my point across without some artistic flair added in. boooooooo for lame comment fields.


    I am sooo glad that whole one pretty thing is over. That was so 2008. It’s time for kitty crafts all the time! I see a Kraftee Kitteh Week in my future.


    P.S. Nice ears.

  11. mindy Says:

    That kitty is rocking the ears!

  12. LISA Says:

    That was too cute and you really had me fooled thing something had happened to my puter! That kitty is too cool!

  13. Heather Says:



  14. Jingle Says:

    SO cute! LOL!

  15. Rebecca Says:

    You are awesome, Rachel!

  16. shean Says:

    That was great. I love Lil’ B, but I had to click Lil B please forgive me.

  17. Katie Says:

    That was awesome.

  18. Linda Lou Says:

    Made me look!

  19. Marla Says:

    Absolutely adorable and clever!!

  20. Kathy Says:

    Oh, Kitteh, please do not tell my Puppieths!! They would be so much jealous!! You know I had to click through because like others have said I LOVE your blog!!! What a cool April Fool’s joke!!

  21. Mary Beth Says:

    How adorable! I love your little handsome and smart.

    Next, he needs to take over HGTV…rename it KTV (kitty TV) and it should be all things Kitty 24/7. The world awaits-next year he can take over Martha Stewart Enterprises.

  22. Crafting with Cat Hair Says:

    That was super cute! Great job Lil’ B.

  23. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my! Too funny. Thanks for the giggle!

  24. Rose Says:

    Too funny! Love the spray paint graffiti and the kitty ‘tude.

  25. Amy M in Indian Says:


  26. Lindsay Weirich Says:

    that is the FUNNIEST thing I have seen all day! thanks for the laugh!

  27. Kira Says:

    ok…cannot…speak…peeing…literally…peeing! my side hurts I’m laughing so hard….you are too too funny! let’s get you on Letterman lady!

  28. Kira Says:

    You deserve the BIGGEST, BESTEST APRIL 1 DAY HUG EVER! Almost pee’d… can’t type….too funny! ha hah hhhahahhha hooh ooo ha hee hheeeeee ho heee!

  29. Annie Pazoo Says:

    Lil B – Aki and Maxi say “hi” and want to know where they can get totally cool bunny ears like yours. They’ll be watching for Kitty Toy Roundups – srsly! LOL (or rather, MOL).

  30. Jeannie Crockett Says:

    I was sure your site had been hacked! And I was UPSET! Too funny. (I don’t think I wish to tell you how long it was before I remembered what day it is.)

  31. d @ Says:

    I can barely barely breathe. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have a daily roundup in my reader, I’m glad I came over to check!

  32. Amy Cluck Says:

    Made me laugh at loud. And my kitties would totally do something similar if they could.

  33. Kimara@weefolkart Says:

    LOL… Thanks Rachael. Hands down the best smile of the day! Happy April Fools! (Pass the greeting on to the cats too!)

  34. Mel Says:

    You shouldn’t do that to people so early in the morning!
    That was too good. You sure are one funny duck!

  35. Sarah Says:

    Very funny! :)

  36. Laura Says:

    I must say I was a bit panicked. Good thing I found the button on the bottom. I love your blog. I check only about 3 faithfully, and you are on that list. Take care.

  37. Junie Moon Says:

    Oh my goodness, I think this is the cutest April Fool’s joke ever. It’s 100% adorable. I do admit I believed every single thing and was panicking because I couldn’t find a comment button, so I clicked on over to your “regular” site–and that’s when I discovered it was all in fun.

    It is just purrrrrrfect!

  38. becky Says:

    that is super halirous. love it. the bomb the bomb… go kitty cat…

  39. MamaB Says:

    Hillarious Rachel! I have a dapper kitteh named Fat Gabby. He drools and walks into walls, and is the most wonderful pet we’ve ever had!

  40. Kimberly Says:

    LOL! Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one confused! I thought maybe someone had hacked into your site and trashed it. Fabulous prank!

  41. Jan Says:

    Somebody likes Icanhazcheesburger!

  42. annessa Says:

    It’s so cute, i thought your site has been hacked by the latest virus! :) but it’s a great april fool joke.

  43. Ms.Tee Says:

    I was worried that your site had been hacked! Then I remembered it was April Fool’s – silly kitteh!

  44. kblackwell Says:

    this was too cute! i liked the grafitti!!!

  45. Aimee Says:

    that was awesome! smart cat…

  46. Donna Says:

    ADORABLE!!! =)

  47. Vicki Chrisman Says:

    Okay.. CUTE! At first I was like.. WHAT? lol Love it!

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