FEBRUARY 26TH, 2009 4:57PM PST 

17 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Junie Moon Says:

    Wow, so many wonderful projects to try. Thank you for including my tutorial.

  2. dolce chic Says:

    I’m in the market to get new pillow covers…I’ll have to check that one out! The lanterns are really cute :)

  3. Roseanna Says:

    I look forward to your posts everyday, terrific ideas and projects. Thank you again for including mine!

  4. Anne Says:

    I am loving the style of the retro utensils print!

  5. Muddlepud Says:

    I especially love the clothespin doll, but there are way too many great things here!

  6. Annie Pazoo Says:

    Thanks, Rachel — these are all terrific!

  7. Shalini Says:

    Thank you. This is a wonderful resource!

  8. se7en Says:

    Just what I need something to do with our potential peg dolls that I have had in a bag for literally years waiting for the right project!

  9. Katie Says:

    Hi Rachel! I wanted to tell you about a roll up travel felt kit I made, but my emails keep getting bounced back as bulk mail!

  10. maya Says:

    We’ll be making those scrap bird bags this week! What a great idea ~ & I’m so needing to get over my need to save every bitty fabric scrap, “just in case.” This is perfect, as I, too have little plastic bags of yarn in every drawer. Thanks Rachel!

  11. Bryssy Says:

    The clothespin doll is SO cute!

  12. Diann Says:

    Too many good choices today and too little time…Have to check back later……….Floating nightstands…YES!

  13. dot Says:

    Love these! great picks as usual… The clothespin doll is too cool!


  14. Asianmommy Says:

    What a cute clothespin doll!

  15. hana @celebrations.com Says:

    I absolutely love the clothspin doll. Too too cute. Hope it isnt so hard to make. I love crafts but I don’ t know how up to par my skills are haha
    Thanks for sharing your awesome resources.

    Hana from Celebrations.com

  16. Robyn Says:

    that scrap bag idea for the birds is great! and I’d always wanted to know how to make a blog button or badge. thanks!

  17. geek+nerd Says:

    Wow – I want to do almost every single one of these projects. I need more time in the day!

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