FEBRUARY 16TH, 2009 4:50PM PST 

12 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Linda@ Restyled Home Says:

    Thanks for the feature, Rachel! It is always an honour to be featured here!


  2. Jen / Hope Studios Says:

    You make me more creative! I’m always thinking of something you might like, thanks Rachel!

    Jen / Hope Studios

  3. Bryssy Says:

    I have an endless supply of projects because of you, Rachel! Thanks!

  4. Annie Pazoo Says:

    Sweater teacups shown on Martha, but by Betz White! http://www.blog.betzwhite.com

  5. Diann Says:

    LOVE the fan makeover…I have one begging for this !

  6. admin Says:

    Oh thanks so much for that Annie! I thought I’d seen them somewhere before!

  7. Adria Says:

    Im going to make a few of the pillows our of the babies onesies.

  8. cupcakes and cashmere Says:

    a purse organizer? this is something that i desperately need! also, thank you for your ridiculously sweet comment on my blog :)

  9. Miss Muffin Says:

    Thanks for featuring me! And thanks for all the great ideas I get from you!!!

    Miss Muffin

  10. Asianmommy Says:

    Great teacup pincushions! Love them!

  11. Katie Says:

    So fun to see Miss Muffin on here, I told her to submit! Glad she got featured, yeah!

  12. Airplane-OnFire123 Says:

    Thank You and Thanks again, you’ve just made my day. It’s so heard to find quality articles these days on the net. Maybe i’m not looking where i should or people just don’t care anymore about what they post, i don’t know…anyway thx bro!

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