FEBRUARY 11TH, 2009 10:29AM PST 

4 Responses to “Kid’s Valentine’s Day Roundup”

  1. Katie Says:

    Rachel, thanks so much for including the Valentine my daughter and I made. I really appreciate you sharing it with your readers. Keep up the great work, I love your site and check it everyday for inspiration!

  2. Amanda @ www.kiddio.org Says:

    Thanks for the link, Rachel! I can’t wait to try out all these projects. My kids are going to be so excited!
    Amanda @ http://www.kiddio.org / http://www.housemade.org

  3. Kris Says:

    Thank you Rachel for sharing the peek-a-boo card! So many fun ideas are listed here!

  4. Peggy Says:

    Rachel, You do such a wonderful job bringing all these ideas together. Thanks for including my Kinder heart nuggets! I love all these ideas, and I am glad you did the Bushfire relief roundup, as well. Great stuff.

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