FEBRUARY 6TH, 2009 12:08PM PST 

16 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Roundup”

  1. Bryssy Says:

    Love the flowers, Rachel!

  2. Katie Says:

    Thanks for including my countdown Rachel!

  3. Flassie Says:

    The second link on the list about the Valentine Box is taking me right back to One Pretty thing.
    Haven’t checked all the links.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  4. Jenn Says:

    Thank you for posting my cards, Rachel!

  5. teresa Says:

    I will be checking out the Valentine pillow template- thanks for a post full of great ideas.
    Happy day

  6. Anjeanette Says:

    Oh I am so excited to see my little tutorial on your site!

    I check your site out all the time. I am above delighted to have a little bit in it now!

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful inspiration you find.

  7. Mrs. D. Lightful Says:

    Those are all so cute and fun! I just love Valentine’s day! Really good finds.

  8. Flassie Says:

    It’s the Love Letter Memento Valentine Box link that isn’t working.

    Click Flassie if you’d like to see Jelene’s Plastic bag holder she
    made out of a kitchen towel. While your there check out her
    Pop Art Video and painting with her nephew. Two of my favorites.
    I love how her nephews painting turned out.

  9. admin Says:

    Oh thanks so much! Great catch Flassie!

  10. Michelle at Scribbit Says:

    Thank you for the great set of links and including mine!

  11. Joan Says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC valentine projects. Thank you so much for finding the Twilight Valentines – my daughter is going to flip over these!
    Have a fun day,

  12. nicole/brussels Says:

    I like your Love Letter Box ! I’am just a little bit too old to have one now ! I’am 64 , so it’s something for young lovers , to keep there secrets save ;-)

  13. nicole/brussels Says:

    I must say that I like the Wire Valentine Heart , it is very original , also the photo with the blue sky background is beautiful !

  14. Jen / Hope Studios Says:

    Thanks Rachel!!! Jen

  15. Cath Says:

    I love the valentine wired heart ornament! It looks so cute =) But boyfriends don’t like that sort of thing :) Sometimes I see valentine’s gifts that I would like for me XDD

  16. Caley Says:

    Thanks so much for including two of our projects at FaveCrafts.com. We just love seeing all the eye-candy in the Daily round-ups.

    @nicole/brussels- You’re never too old for love letters! =)

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