FEBRUARY 5TH, 2009 4:42PM PST 

5 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Tricia Says:

    please stop finding such cool stuff and making me spend money.. kidding.!! I love this place.

    I just read your comment on my spinach and am cracking up that we heard stories about those kids when we were little.. Did you seriously know them????

  2. Joan Says:

    I just LUV viewing your blog each day! OH MY GOSH – isn’t that a great idea…turning vintage brooches into dresser knobs!!! Very clever. I love how so many people are very creative!!! Lots of wonderful ideas.

    Have a fun day!

  3. Bryssy Says:

    The embossing is so cool! I never heard of that before. Thanks, Rachel!!

  4. Amy Says:

    Ooh, those origami cherry blossoms are so pretty!

  5. The Flirty Guide Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for sharing The Flirty Guide’s origami cherry blossom tutorial with your readers. It really makes me happy to know that others are using the idea to embellish their parties and homes with them :o )


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