JANUARY 31ST, 2009 10:28PM PST 

11 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Roundup”

  1. Nintakun Says:

    Hello,I’m Nintakun from Japan.So cute your site!!!!
    I’m looking for getting chocolate on Valentine’s day.
    How about your country’s habit on that day?
    I introduce you to Japanese goods!
    If you are interested in Japan ,I’ll try to find your interesting goods.
    Thank you.

  2. Asianmommy Says:

    Those heart cookies look so good!

  3. Bryssy Says:

    The pillowcases are too cute!

  4. Katie Says:

    LOVE these ideas! I just got word that I’m hosting a Valentine’s Dinner Party so this is great timing! Thanks Rach!

  5. Heather Says:

    Love the skirt! I need to make a bunch of skirts!

  6. Su Says:

    Wow, thanks for linking me! And must say that those pillow cases…. sigh! What a lovely idea.

  7. Amy @ Living Locurto Says:

    Thanks for linking to me:-) Yeah, I second that sigh on those pillow cases. Too bad my husband is not into details… I think that would go over his head. LOL!

  8. Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous Says:

    Thank you for mentioning us with all these other great ideas!!!!! You have the best eye for things and so we are always completely flattered when you {heart} one of our posts. I check your blog ALL the time, because you always have your finger on the pulse!

  9. Tricia Says:

    I read necktie valentines at least SIX times as Valentine Necktie’s and wondered where the rest was… this superbowl got the best of me.. how cute!! I love the pillows!!

  10. Jessica@thehomebound Says:

    I really love the pillow cases from Creature Comforts. Think I may have to try something similar to that.

  11. teresa Says:

    What super ideas- came to your site via Living Locurto- and love it I will be coming back-
    Happy Day.

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