JANUARY 29TH, 2009 4:48PM PST 

9 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Lilli Says:

    Someday I’m going to do some kind of ottoman. Can’t be that hard. Thanks for the link :)

  2. dot Says:

    Ya know, I think i’m just going to give up on doing links and just link over to your posts instead :)

  3. So Not Martha Says:

    Great links! Thanks!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Hey lady! I have nominated you for The Lemonade Award. Your bloggy blog rocks. Grab your award on my blog.. http://compulsivecrafter.blogspot.com/ <3

  5. Adria Says:

    We just lost my husbands grandmother (2 days after the wedding) and she left me a teacup. This would be a great way to remember her. I think Ill practice on a dollar store one first though!!!

  6. Cherry@NewburghRestoration Says:

    That ottoman made out of a skirt was very neat! I want to do a project like that!

  7. Amanda Says:

    Just found your blog! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Momo Says:

    Love the needle holder. thanks for the link.

  9. kimara@weefolkart Says:

    Thanks for sharing our curvy heart applique, Rachel. We’ve been on an applique binge lately! It’s been great fun. As always, thanks for all the time you put into your blog. You inspire so many :)

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