JANUARY 27TH, 2009 4:49PM PST 

9 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. K Says:

    As always – I can’t wait to try these wonderful ideas!! Thank you for doing the legwork for me! ha!!

  2. LollyChops Says:

    Oh how I love those moss balls! So fun!

  3. cathy Says:

    I just discovered this site—love it!

  4. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs Says:

    Ooooo…Can someone make me a candy stack? Love it! Thanks for linking to my calendar Rachel!

  5. Asianmommy Says:

    Love the personalized Rubiks cube–so cute!

  6. katy Says:

    love the toadstool pincushions. so cute and useful!

  7. Taryn Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. I love all the great ideas and crafts all in one place. Keep up the good work!

  8. angie duruma Says:

    I just found your blog on google. I really liked it and now I will share it with my friends.

  9. salman khan Says:

    Very nice information. Thanks for this.

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