JANUARY 6TH, 2009 4:43PM PST 
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Craftblog has a great article on Photograpy For Online Sellers -Clothes

10 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Fern Says:

    Thanks so much for linking to the article Rachel. I have no idea how you find the time to find all these beautiful things!

  2. Adria Says:

    Im looking for a rock as we speak!!!!

  3. Grace@PoeticHome Says:

    The hanging lightbulb vases are so beautiful — and good for the environment! And ZakkaLife’s key hider is so ingenious!

  4. Bryssy Says:

    I love the lightbulb vases, too! I’ll have to purchase a rock, isn’t that sad? We don’t have any here in Florida… Awesome, as always, Rachel!

  5. Amy @ Living Locurto Says:

    Three links in a row!!! Thanks… I’m feeling like a Rockstar:-) I love that cat door stop, it looks like my cat.

  6. Kimara@weefolkart Says:

    LOVE the flower poms. (Especially like the one at her site with a dandelion looking pom!) Thanks for sharing our kitty cat. Check out the matching puppy dog next week! Have a great day, Rachel!

  7. katy Says:

    we could use that fleece ski mask here in Lux. It was -6 degrees Celsius this morning when I took my daughter to school. The high expected this week is -1. groan.

  8. asianmommy Says:

    The CD clock is so cute!

  9. Ali Says:

    Pom pom flowers are calling my name…

  10. domestifluff Says:

    Thanks so much for the mention!


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