DECEMBER 11TH, 2008 11:17AM PST 

11 Responses to “Christmas Roundup”

  1. Bryssy Says:

    I love the single serving rice crispy treats. Those would make a great teacher gift!

  2. Doris Says:

    Thanks for posting my Jolly Holly Table Runner! I too love the single serving rice crispy treat idea!

  3. katy Says:

    Rachel – the vintage record cover tree ornaments are *brilliant* I see another crafter has discovered the joy of paper doilies! Off to check that out. Thanks for another great round-up.

  4. Muddlepud Says:

    Oooh. I’m way out of time for making more things, but those peppermint marshmallows look too awesome to pass up!

  5. Katie at Says:

    Oh wow! How exciting to see another Making This Home project. Thank you!
    I really like the garland by Still Dottie and those peppermint marshmallows. mmmm!

  6. tania Says:

    Y’know, all those things look like a helluva lot of fun to make – but I am going to make the clove-y orange-y things first and the marshmallows second. Thanks for posting all this. It’s great to make your own stuff. I made my own wreath this year – took me five minutes, even with the two year old climbing all over me! see my blogspot!…

  7. tania Says:
    (for wreath lovers)

  8. tania Says:

    oh my god. typo. it’s REALLY

  9. heather Says:

    Love these ideas! The single serving rice krispie treat = BRILLIANT!! And I love the my little mochi snow globe necklaces are adorable!

  10. Erin Says:

    Rachel, Thanks once again for featuring me! I LOVE your round-ups! So many creative crafters!

  11. becky Says:

    just printed off the rice krispies….and a few others that are great ideas for little friend gifts. love them all!!

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