DECEMBER 3RD, 2008 1:02PM PST 

11 Responses to “Christmas Roundup”

  1. celia Says:

    I come to this site everyday and I have to confess I adore it! You’ve helped me so much to find great ways to make wonderful gifts for this holidays!

  2. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs Says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my wallpaper and card Rachel…I appreciate you so much!

  3. katy Says:

    lOVE lOVE the photo block ornaments. what a great look (and so clever!)

  4. Ms.Tee Says:

    those photo block ornaments are so cute! I’m going to have to make those for a new baby in our family! :0)

  5. heather Says:

    Love the photo block ornaments!

  6. Flassie Says:

    Click Flassie if you’d like to see a gift idea I made one year.

    We are going to start making cookies and I’d like some that
    will freeze well until it’s time to give them away as gifts.

    I need to find the Ginger Biscotti recipe I like so much. I think
    it was in Country Living’s November 97 issue or 98. Of course
    I tore it out and now I might have to go to the Library and see
    if I can find it there if I can’t find where I placed it.

    I did find a recipe that must be the same thing as Biscotti called,
    Mandelbrot. I also think they are called Twice Baked Cookies.

    I think I will make bread too and I like that idea you put a link
    up to for holding the bread.

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful links!

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  7. Katie Says:

    Those fabric gift tags are FABULOUS!

  8. Amy from Texas Says:

    Oooh you found some great free downloads! Thanks.

  9. Leigh-Ann Says:

    Thanks for sharing me Rach! Your site is so awesome :]
    Love Leigh-Ann :)

  10. Missy Says:

    Thanks for the blog luv! Mwah!

  11. Anton Depinho Says:

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