NOVEMBER 22ND, 2008 3:04PM PST 

If you've got a pet on your list, I have a DIY gift suggestion!

5 Responses to “Gifts for Pets and Their People”

  1. heather Says:

    Good finds! I don’t have a pet, but you found some great projects!

  2. Crafting with Cat Hair Says:

    I love this gift guide! I will be making a fish skeleton kitty toy this weekend. Thanks for the great tutorials.

  3. kathy daume' Says:

    OMG everyone who has a pet is seriously getting the fabric pet portraits for Christmas gifts! Thank you so much for linking to such a fab idea!!!

  4. Amy from Texas Says:

    I wonder if my cat would wear those little collarettes? Those are so cute! ha.

  5. Isabella Says:

    How can I link to this site on my blog?

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