NOVEMBER 17TH, 2008 12:38AM PST 

Welcome to the first gift guide aimed at the littlest people on our lists-babies!

15 Responses to “Gifts for Babies”

  1. Crafting with Cat Hair Says:

    Thanks so much for this gift guide. My best friend is having a baby this spring and I was asked to make her something. With so many cute patterns it is going to be very hard to choose one!

  2. do it yourselfer Says:

    love the new layout and that sock monkey is adorable! i think i’m going to help my girls make those dolls! lovely items to try!

  3. Tomato Lady Says:

    Thank You! Once again you have saved me a lot of surfing. You have the best eye for awesome stuff.

  4. Sarah Says:

    What GREAT timing! I just found out a friend is having a baby girl…now if I could just be a tad better at crocheting! ;-)

  5. zakka life Says:

    of course I like that toadstool baby rattle, darling

  6. Asianmommy Says:

    I love the mushrooms–so cute!

  7. Columbia Lily Says:

    Rachel, I love the new look on the blog! Well-done!

  8. Larissa Holland Says:

    hey, there! thanks for featuring Molly! I like the new look! I have to note that the pic you show for Molly is not a monkey made by me, but by my friend and fellow crafter, Olivia, of

  9. admin Says:

    Oh, thanks so much Larissa! I’ve updated the link!

  10. Ryan Madison Says:

    Thank you for this gift guide.

  11. merchant navy Says:

    nice package shown good one.

  12. bartable Says:

  13. Tanie Noclegi Karpacz Says:

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  15. kelly Says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my little sock monkey, Eleanor. She told me to tell you she is very flattered by all the compliments and attention!

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