NOVEMBER 28TH, 2012 4:00AM PST 

Hanukkah begins Saturday, December 8th. Prepare to celebrate the season with a week's worth of the most popular Hanukkah crafts, printables and activities from the last four years!

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  1. SleepyKnitter Says:

    I’m Protestant, not Jewish, but I’m happy that you post celebration ideas from multiple backgrounds. Just keeps us mindful of others around us! :-)

    I do have three Chinese children through adoption and would LOVE to see a big roundup of Chinese New Year celebration ideas (Feb 11, 2013), as our oldest grew up in China and is used to celebrating CNY, and I am needing some crafty ideas, both for the kids and for the decorations that I will put up.

    One Pretty Thing is my favorite craft site. I’ve been “lurking” for about three years, but I think this is my first time to post.

    Cheers! And thank you for all the fun, wonderful ideas you share! You are very often my “dessert” after a long day. :-)

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