APRIL 8TH, 2011 4:00PM PST 
*Binding Tutorial (Works For Mug Rugs Too)- Sew Happy Geek*Create imprinted clay gift tags with Come On, Ilene!*Stitch a thread caddy with an excerpted project from Sewn By Hand on Lark Crafts.*Create a felt food salad with Out and About With The Spritzer Lebya Family.
*Basic Cricut Instructions- A Girl and A Glue Gun*Create fabric DREAM letters with Robert Kaufman.*Make a princess wand with Pebbles In My Pocket.*Craft a sea shell hair barrette with the OttLite Blog.
*Turn plastic Easter eggs into teacups with Creativity In Progress.*Make a teacup carousel with Creativity In Progress.*Assemble a watercolors to go travel watercolor kit with One Golden Apple.*Make an easy ruffled tablecloth with All The Small Things.
*Make a sand and sea throw pillow with Sew Homegrown.*Create a dress up costume medal with Over the Crescent Moon.*Make a Knight In Shining Armor sweet chivalry t-shirt with Sweeter Hours.*Recycle two liter bottles into toy storage with Simpleliving.
*Visit Knitty Bitties and sew a pup mat for your pet's food and water bowls.*Make a handprint trees wrapped canvas with Come Together Kids.*Sew a non-gathered, flat front yoga skirt with Monkey See, Monkey Do!*Learn how to fold paper stars on Bells In Spires.
*Assemble an easy bed canopy with Rosy Red Buttons.*Turn a desk calendar into a framed wall calendar with Everything Old.*Turn a sweater into a billed hat with Shannon Makes Stuff.*Make spackled MDF coasters with Ink Dots and Polka Dots on Everyday Mom Ideas.
*Turn a towel into a bathmat with Mama Crafts.*Create a tool name sign with Dora on Taidye Original.*Make a mustache glass with Baby Food Scoops.*Stitch minky cloud pillows with Sew4Home.

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  1. Monica Says:

    I want to get the word out about a new site offering free giveaways every week.
    Weekly Giveaway

  2. Sydney Says:


    I just want to say I love your website and visit daily. All of the great ideas are such inspiration!

    Thank you!


  3. Jo Says:

    Thanks for posting our hair accessories OPT! We love you!!!-Jo

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