MARCH 3RD, 2011 4:00PM PST 
*Visit Stumbles and Stitches where Jenny shares the tutorial for these swaddle softie dolls she created for Craft Hope.*Assemble a flower petal mirror with The Project Princess Strikes Again.*Create handpainted yarn with Show Tell Share.*Make a winter wonderland baby onesie dress with kojodesigns.
*Create plastic lined view window snack bags with Little Black Teapot.*Elements of Soft Toy Design 14: An Animal in Motion- While She Naps*Make a drawstring bag with the fold and stitch method and learn how to turn it into a flex frame pouch. Get the details on All Wrapped Up.*Make a drawstring bag with the turn and hem method and All Wrapped Up.
*Dress up a bed pad with Taradara.*Turn a ladies slip into a little girl's slip with Pickup Some Creativity.*Create a Constance Spry inspired greenery arrangement with Amy Merrick on Design Sponge.*Turn a sundress into a shoulder bag with Creating My Way to Success.
*Making Prefelts- Living Crafts*Turn cloth diapers into easy burp cloths with All Things Heart and Home.*Create raindrop party decorations with On A Whimm.*Make boy inspired onesies with Dressing Heidi Sage.
*Maker Mama will be hosing a Mend Along in the month of March.*Repair the elastic in a diaper cover with Maker Mama.*Make a block puzzle with Growing Home.*Turn a scrunchie hair band into a brooch with Jewels Of Sayuri.
*Make a flutter heart snuggle pillow with kojodesigns.*Sew a drop cloth ruffle pillow with Ink Blots & Polka Dots.*Create recycled newspaper favor pouches with Mel Designs.*Build a platform sofa with Genevieve Dellinger on Design Sponge.
*Make a felted heart brooch with Tanya Soroka on Handmade Spark.*Craft boutique style fabric roses with Nikki, In Stitches on Berlin Patch.*Create Contact paper wall art with Show Tell Share.*Make lunch box love notes with Sun Scholars.

3 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Sabra Says:

    Woohoo! I always get excited when I see cloth diaper stuff. And if we ever have another baby, I’m going to need to do some repairing of elastic in our covers/pockets. After three kids, ours are pretty shot.

  2. Jill Says:

    Thanks for featuring my sundress to shoulder bag project! And you’ve found so many more great ideas too!

  3. Maker Mama Says:

    thanks for the links, rachel–and i love the contact paper wall art!

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