NOVEMBER 18TH, 2010 12:00PM PST 
*How to Create Your Own Brand Identity at a Craft Show- Bruce Baker, The Crafts Report*30 Sticky Tricks to Market your Online Shop- Heartmade*4 Ways to Help Artists Find Great Art Instruction- Meylah*Four Social Marketing Tips From Martha Stewart- Jesse Stanchak, SmartBlog on Social Media
*4 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Partnerships- Meylah*Guest Post: Shameless Self-Promotion Dos and Don'ts- Lisa Carter, The Urban Muse*Delivering Your Art to an Exhibit Venue: What to Expect- Art Biz Blog*Taking the icky out of PR schticky- Miss Modish
*Alternative Opportunities for Artists- Artsy Shark*DIY Crafter Study - Survey Results are In!- Stacey Kuznetsov, Eric Paulos, Craft*How to Blog Your Way through the Holidays- Independent Fashion Bloggers*14 Art Business Tips from the Top Pros on Twitter- Lori McNee
*Blogging For Handmade Sellers: How to Write a Great ArtFire, Zibbet or Etsy Blog, Squidoo*Merchandising Makeover- Meredith Keller, Design Sponge*How To Market Your Service With A Magnifying Lens- Tara Gentile*Artists - Discover Your Market- Rhonda Schaller, Artsy Shark
*What I've Learned From Tracking My Numbers This Year- Crafting an MBA*The Handmade Venue Update- Handmade News*Brilliant Marketing Tactics: Podcasts and Interviews- The Skool Of Life*Using Local Events to Promote Your Business!- Miss Malaprop
*Ask A Lawyer: Contracts for Collaborations- Hello Craft*Ten Rules For Maker Businesses- Cris Anderson, Ponoko*Self-Promotion 101 : It's Not About You- Independent Fashion Bloggers*How to Use Your Art-Making Skills to Create a Compelling Video- Lori McNee
*Selling Seasonal Gifts to Boost Your Business- Meylah*Amy Sedaris: I Wrote A Craft Book- Molly Fisher, Craft Ideas Weekly!*Five Figure Creative Business Strategy- Tara Gentile*Quit Your Day Job: cozyblue- The Storque

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    Wow! I love this post. There are so many great reads in “Crafty Reading Roundup.” I learned a bunch!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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