NOVEMBER 7TH, 2010 7:00AM PST 

Looking for more ornament ideas? Check out the twenty plus Ornament Roundups from last year! Just click on Ornament Roundups under the Categories tab above. Happy crafting!

3 Responses to “Christmas Ornament Roundup”

  1. pam Says:

    Yaaaaaaayyyyy! Christmas ornaments! Thanks to you I get to see what everyone is making every year. And it looks like we are off to a good start again this year! I am sending the forded paper star and the origami over to Diane, because she is the paper folding master in our family. Me! I’m sticking with simpler ornaments like the adorable little bird and the stamped fabric tree.

    Thank you in advance for holiday ornaments to come.

  2. Ms Muffin Says:

    Loving this roundup. So pretty!

  3. anka Says:

    Thank you for featuring my decorations, me happy!

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