OCTOBER 21ST, 2008 3:55PM PST 

*Make you own folded paper lamp with Apartment Therapy.

*Weekend Designer shows us how to make this gorgeous drapey blouson.

*Martha shares an easy idea for no-sew embroidered monograms,

*And a useful envelope book project.

*Etsy Labs has a tutorial on fusing plastic bags.  Sew Take a Hike has provided extra tips and style ideas.

*Within Purple Lemon Designs has designed some printable homemade goodie tags perfect for holiday gifts.

*Crazy Mom Quilts tells us how to make a ragged squares quilt.

*Make a DIY twig lamp with BHG.

*Orange Juicy Knits is sharing the free pattern for this gorgeous strawberry market bag.

*re-nest shows us how to turn an old frame into a raised dog feeder.

*Vintage Indie has an easy decorative art project anyone can do.

*And over on re-nest, Heather tells us how she made her vintage slide lamp.

10 Responses to “Daily DIY”

  1. Dolce Chic Says:

    That is such a great idea for the dog feeder. I heard it’s better for all dogs to eat from raised feeders! Thanks!!!

  2. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs Says:

    Thanks for listing my labels Rachel! A great round-up as always!

  3. admin Says:

    I hadn’t heard that Dolce-thanks for sharing. I might have to make one for Puppy Jane!

  4. Wendi Montoya Says:


  5. Jessie Says:

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