SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2010 12:43PM PST 
*CraftyPod 121: Putting Ads on Your Craft Blog, with Jena Coray of Modish*Full time Etsy Sellers - Discovery Denim- Handmadeology*Lessons Learned from Cathie Filian- Meylah*The Math Is Pretty Simple: Why You Need To Streamline Your Craft- Handmade Spark
*Blogging Q&A: Tutorials, Photography and Copyright- Craftaholics Anonymous*Organization Skills for Profitable Artists and Crafters- Handmade Spark*Your Blog as A Part of Your SEO Strategy- Smallerbox*Oooohhhh How Much?- A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That
*Your Craft Blog: What's Your End Game?- Crafting an MBA*8 Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers- Arsty Shark*Inbound or Outbound: Which Direction is Your Art Marketing Going?- Lori McNee*Interview with Marlo Miyashiro, Creative and Community Guru- Meylah
*Getting You Handmade Business Ready For The Christmas Season- oh my! handmade goodness*Photoshop Tutorial: Color Banners- Handmade Spark*The Ultimate Craft Show Preparation Link List- Handmadeology*Art Website Basics – What Every Artist Should Know!- Arsty Shark
*Jewelry Photography Tips For Etsy Sellers- Handmadeology*Start a Fan Page (Business Page) on Facebook- ArtBizBlog*Start a Fan Page (Business Page) on Facebook: Part 2- ArtBizBlog*Does Location Matter?- Crafting an MBA
*Using Web Analytics- Design Sponge*Product Labeling: A Good Idea for Your Business?- Fine Tooth Comb*The Handmade Venue Update- Handmade News*Tips and Tricks – Exporting Your Etsy Sold Items- Handmade Spark
*Finding Your USP- Smallerbox*Getting Creative: How 3 Artists Launched New Product Lines- Meylah*Etsy Success: Photographing 2D Artwork- The Storque*Turn Facebook Friends Into Fans- ArtBizBlog

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