OCTOBER 15TH, 2008 7:18AM PST 

Get ready for a series of specific Halloween Roundups geared towards party planning! Today's Roundup? Halloween drinks!

*Freeze gummy worms in ice and infest a cold Halloween drink.

*Keep things cold with Medusa ice face and hands punch.

*Radishes are the base for these creepy ice cubes.

*Make bug ice cubes to chill special drinks for older kids and adults.

*Mauled apple cider is the perfect spooky crowd pleaser.

*Blood red hot chocolate is even more special when served with marshmallow bones.

*Everyone will love this easy to make, non-alcoholic black Halloween punch.

*Try this blood red punch for your little ghosts and goblins.

*Serve up something black. Try Ghost in the Graveyard, a Screwed Up Screwdriver or a Berry Scary  Martini.

*Black martinis give a Halloween spin to a traditional drink.

*Bloody Black Currant Punch is the perfect cocktail to serve to a crowd.

*The Dark Chocolate Martini is the ultimate indulgence.

*Bloody Pina Gouladas win the creepiest drink award.

*With Slime Rickeys, the gin is optional.

*Blood-thirsty Mary's can be adjusted to serve a crowd.

*Bubbling cocktails are perfect for a lab-themed party.

*The Eyeball Highball gets it's bite from vodka and vermouth.

*Swamp Sangria is refreshing crowd-pleaser in pear.

*Simple and delicious, the Evil Spirits cocktail has something for everyone.

*Mix vegetable juice and tequila for scary looking Swamp Sips.

*Kids will love rootbeer Witches Brew,

* And Boo-Nilla frosty treats.

*Turn extra pumpkin puree into a delicious shake.

*A hollowed pumpkin filled with ice makes a festive ice chest.

*Grab poision labels from Spook Shows to dress up wine and cocktail bottles.

*Or how about these from Love Manor?

*Martha also has cocktail clip art for you to print, as well as wine bottle labels.

*Or dress up a bottle of mummy spirits.

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15 Responses to “Halloween Cocktail Roundup”

  1. Crafting with Cat Hair Says:

    Martha Stewart Rocks! I don’t know which I love more, the Black Currant Punch or the Blood Red Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Bones.

    Love the Swamp Sips too, but that is too real for me.

  2. please sir Says:

    gummy worms in ice – that sounds fantastic!!

  3. Phyllis Dobbs Says:

    These look fabulous. Too bad its morning and I’m still on coffee

  4. dolce chic Says:


  5. amy purple Says:

    OMG, those eyeball ice cubes! ahhh! love them!

  6. la couturier Says:

    i love these ideas!

  7. katy Says:

    what a wonderful collection! think i’ll make up some of those worm icecubes for my kiddos!

  8. Sarah Danielle Says:

    These all look so great! I don’t know where to start! Thanks for the great halloween ideas!

  9. michelle {sweet mady's paper} Says:

    I love the pumpkin ice “bucket”!

  10. Kelley Rollins Says:


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  12. Bobbie Castro Says:

    I saw your website when I was browsing for something else, but this page showed up at the top of Yahoo your blog must be pretty popular! Keep up the good work!

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