NOVEMBER 1ST, 2008 2:01PM PST 

Welcome to One Pretty Thing's last election Roundup! I'll be adding DIY projects and party ideas to this post as they come in, so check back before the big night. And if you missed our last two Election Roundups, you can find them here and here. Enjoy!

*Party Talk shares great ideas for throwing an election night party, including activity suggestions.

*No Fuss Fabulous shares DIY cupcake toppers for you to print and use. I love all four designs!

*Check out this segment on the Today show filled with election night party ideas.

*Rachel Ray posted her menu for an election night bash.

*Martha shows us how to make Vote '08 shirts and buttons,

*Chocolate and vanilla election day cupcakes,

*A red, white and blue garland,

*And a star-themed table runner and napkin ties.

*YumSugar shares the recipe for the Red, White & Night cocktail

*An election night menu,

*Dessert sugar cookies,

*And an election night invite how-to.

*Martha has a variety of patriotic crafts perfect for election night decorations. Make red, white and blue ribbon stars,

*Decorative patriotic fans,

*Clothespin pinwheels,

*And easy sand candles.These would be great on a party buffet.

*She also has the how-to on these fun star glasses,

*Festive drink parasols,

*Can-do cans,

*And 3D paper star decorations.

*Laura of Nocturnal Knits, shares the pattern for her Obama-rama sweater.

*Download and print a free political poster to decorate your party at Design for Obama.

*C Jane Knit shares eight different Obama knitting patterns.

*Lion Brand Yarn shares the pattern for crochet candidate finger puppets.

*The Kitchn suggests a variety of food and drink recipes to serve on election night.

*Whip up red and blue jello shots to be taken each time a state is called.

*Stirrings shares four election cocktails such as the Vote on the Rocks and Lipstick Martini.

*Martha has a 19 item election menu complete with appetizers through dessert.

*My Insanity shares fun ideas for election night, such as coloring or filling in a map with pre-cut red or blue states. Kids would love this.

*Lets kids make decorative paper lanterns.

*Pocantico Hills School shares a variety of printables and educational election activities for kids.

*Take Your Kids 2 Vote has fun election games and quizzes for kids.

*Use this tutorial to turn patriotic fabric into a political dog bandana.

*Kids will love decorating festive flag cupcakes.

*Color your own Electoral College Map.

*The Decorated Cookie shares an election cupcake topper how-to.

*Craft a star-studded centerpiece with Hostess With The Mostess.

*Kids will have a great time creating this fun Voter Flag seen on No Time For Flashcards.

*Whip up a batch of chewy red, white and blue cookies.

*That Artist Woman shows us how to make peace doves- a great project for kids!

*   *   *

Additional Tips:

*Girlfriend Celebrations shares great tips for holding a positive politics party. GREAT stuff here!

*The Chicago Tribune covers election night games, decorations, food and more.

*Visit The Nest for fun election night ideas.

*eHow shares more election party tips.

*ShindigZ shares ideas for a Palin-themed party.

*The Dallas Morning News has 5 ideas for a successful election party. There are some unique ones here!

*   *   *

Extra Reading:

Four tips for dealing with pre-election jitters : The Happiness Project

How to be the star at your election party : MSNBC

37 Responses to “Election Roundup”

  1. Poff Says:

    A lot of these ideas would be great for 4th of July too. Love the cupcakes at the end.

  2. Kendra @ My Insanity Says:

    Thanks for featuring my post! Wow! What a thorough collection of ideas!

  3. Ms.Tee Says:

    This is great! I was thinking about having an election party – I just needed ideas! So great – thanks!!!

  4. cindy k Says:

    these are all great! i wish we could vote already!

  5. Dawn Says:

    This is quite a comprehensive list!
    The chicago tribune has some election party ideas today.,0,4385716.story
    Also my website has had a “positive politics party” posted for quite a while now.

    Hope this helps!

  6. dolce chic Says:

    These are so awesome! I’m going to check out the knitting pattern, that looks so neat. There are so many I want to check out :) I voted for change last week :)

  7. Whatwedding/Marialena Says:

    In my next life, I want to come back as you! Election day is a great excuse to use leftover 4th of July stuff during the fall!

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks SO much Dawn! Those are both fabulous links and I’ve added them to the list!

  9. Maya Says:

    Obama knitting patterns! As a Swiss expat living in the USA I’m still amazed about all the patriotism…, love that sweet cupcake.

  10. Annie Says:

    You are the super sleuth at finding great ideas! Love all these creative projects – can’t wait to try Rachel Ray’s ideas, the pinwheels and the flag cupcake. Thanks for the cupcake topper spotlight!

  11. please sir Says:

    So many great ideas – I really want to have a party now!!

  12. please sir Says:

    Also added this on my current love list today – see right side of blog!

  13. nice! Says:

    Normally I don’t leave a reply, but I really enjoyed your post. Well done!

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  35. Election Night Parties! | Girlfriend Celebrations Says:

    [...] One Pretty Thing has a fabulous roundup of election party ideas. [...]

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